Monday, December 10, 2018

Dan Baird & Homemade Sin - Sunday 9th December - Bush Hall, Shepherd's Bush

The now regular December show for Mr Baird and band. Setlist a bit mixed up and, apart from a far too long Crooked Smile, excellent as always. Joe Blanton provided a decent warmup (backed by Homemade Sin) and popped up throughout the main set too.

Two For Tuesday
You Broke It
Golden Light 
Dixie Beauxderaunt 
Up In Your Kitchen
Open All Night 
All Over But the Cryin' 
Dan Takes Five 
Runnin' Outta Time
Mister & Ma'am
Crooked Smile
Something Like Love
Shake It Til It's Sore
Another Chance 
Younger Face 
Keep Your Hands to Yourself 
Julie + Lucky 
I Love You Period 
Damn Thing To Be Done
Going Down the Road Feelin' Bad 

Friday, December 07, 2018

Def Leppard / Cheap Trick - Thursday 6th December - O2 Arena

A decent double bill at the O2. Cheap Trick were as fun as I remembered. Surely no other band chucks out as many plectrums to their audience! I really enjoyed the cover of The Move's California Man.

Def Leppard were pretty solid. Whilst the Hysteria album - showcased here in it's entirety - is largely excellent, there are 3 or 4 dud tracks that don't really warrant a play, so there was a slight feeling of "it was good, but could have been even better". But let's also say the thing that has to be said. "Phil Collen. Enough is enough. You are 2 days short of your 61st birthday. Put your shirt on - no one comes to Def Leppard to see your bare torso!"

Setlist - Cheap Trick
Hello There
Big Eyes
California Man 
If You Want My Love
The Flame
I Want You to Want Me
Dream Police
Never Had a Lot to Lose
Goodnight Now

Setlist - Def Leppard
Love Bites
Pour Some Sugar on Me
Armageddon It
Gods of War
Don't Shoot Shotgun
Run Riot
Hysteria (with "Heroes" snippet)
Love and Affection
When Love and Hate Collide
Let's Get Rocked
Rock of Ages

Sunday, December 02, 2018

SAS Band - Saturday 1st December - G Live, Guildford

24 years of the SAS band and another popular show at Guildford. Regulars Toyah, Patti Russo, Chris Thompson and Tony Vincent are joined by Justin Hawkins from The Darkness to add a touch more sparkle and unpredictability to Spike's All Stars.

Rosanna (Jamie Moses)
Davy's on the Road Again (Chris Thompson)
Blinded by the Light (Chris Thompson)
Unchain My Heat  (Patti Russo)
Don't Stop Me Now (Patti Russo)
Radar Love (Patti Russo) 
Let Me Entertain You (Tony Vincent)
Creep (Tony Vincent)
Girls On Film (Tony Vincent)
Suffragette City (Toyah Willcox)
It's a Mystery (Toyah Willcox)
Thing Called Love (Justin Hawkins)
Woman in Love (Justin Hawkins)
Sweet Child O' Mine (Toyah & Justin Hawkins)
Show Me Heaven (Justin Hawkins)
I Want It All (Justin Hawkins)
Quinn the Eskimo (The Mighty Quinn) (Chris Thompson)
You're The Voice  (Chris Thompson)
29 Riff Overture
Fairytale of New York 
Christmas Time (Don't Let the Bells End) (Justin Hawkins)
Happy Xmas (War Is Over) (all-star finale)
I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day (all-star finale)

Friday, November 30, 2018

Queens of Rock - Friday 30th November - Boom Boom Club, Sutton

A nice Friday evening in Sutton for some classic rock covers. Support band, the "Guitar Godz" work their way through some Hendrix, Clapton, Moore, Fleetwood Mac and a little too much Toto before become the instrumentalists for the ladies. The "Queens" add lots of Pat Benatar, Joan Jett, Cher, Bonnie Tyler etc for a good fun evening.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Blackberry Smoke - Friday 16th November - Shepherds Bush Empire

It's always nice when a hunch pays off. And that was the case here with another band I have never seen before (and didn't own any music of before booking) turns out good. I knew by the genre of music I should like them, but it is always a gamble. As their tour T Shirt says - "too rock for country, too country for rock". Despite feeling I needed more hair to fit in with the audience, I will be back!

Let Me Help You (Find the Door)
Leave a Scar
Good One Comin' On
Workin' for a Workin' Man
Wish in One Hand
Waiting for the Thunder
Pretty Little Lie
Rock and Roll Again
Believe You Me
Sleeping Dogs / Come Together / Sleeping Dogs
Run Away From It All
The Whippoorwill
Payback's a Bitch
Everybody Knows She's Mine
Ain't Got the Blues
Lord Strike Me Dead
One Horse Town
I'll Keep Ramblin'
Mother Mountain
Sunrise in Texas 
Ain't Much Left of Me

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Keith Moon Tribute - Saturday 10th November - Olympia (London Drum Show)

The drummers take a bow
Normally you would not catch me within miles of a "Drum Show". But tacked onto the end of this one was a tribute to the Who's Keith Moon - billed as "Who's Playing", so that changed everything. With the bonus of a new venue (within the Olympia complex) - a mini theatre on the 2nd floor!

The premise was simple. Each Who cover had a new drummer and a bit of chat about their influences. With all money collected going to the National Deaf Children's Society it turned out to be very pleasant. I must admit I had to google a number of the performers and the singer, Steve Hunt, was obviously struggling quite badly. But all in all a decent effort from all involved.

Setlist (Song / Drummer)
The Real Me - Chris ?
The Seeker - ?
Can’t Explain - Jamie ?
Substitute - Pick Withers
My Generation - Danny Farret
Pinball Wizard - Pete Cater
Love Reign O'er Me - Chris Mansbridge
Who Are You - Jonathan Rodney
Baba O'Reilly - JR Robinson
Won’t Fooled Again - Gabor Dornyei

Steve Hunt - Vocals
Steve Smith  - Guitar
Dave Clark - Bass
Rob K - Keyboards

(corrections to performers much appreciated!)

Saturday, November 03, 2018

John Coghlan's Quo - Friday 2nd November - Borderline

Not much to say really that I haven't written before about JC. Legendary member of the "Frantic Four" classic Status Quo lineup plays Quo songs as you'd expect them to be heard.

As you'd expect playing to a hardcore Quo fanbase, this was good as expected. Also a quick word on the newly refurbished Borderline - they have done a good job!


Saturday, October 27, 2018

Snakecharmer - Friday 26th October - ULU, London

So what to make of Snakecharmer? Having started off as a Whitesnake inspired tribute and moved to create an excellent debut album of their own, they seem to have lost their way slightly. Micky Moody has left and whilst those excellent musicians who are left can perform impeccably, the spark seems to have gone somewhat.

That was summed up by the fact that up until the day of the show, I wasn't 100% sure about making the trek up to the ULU - not really London's greatest venue with it's overpriced bottle-only bar, limited toilet facilities and no-balcony access policy.

I decided to go. Sadly, very few others made the same choice and I was stunned at how sparse the venue was - everyone could have popped back to mine afterwards! And that was a shame - and all credit to the band that they still performed a decent set.

There was competition for the audience from Robert Plant / Van Morrison across town, but surely not such an overlapping fan base for that to be the reason for such lack of interest. So, there must be some serious questions to be asked. How do a band as talented as this get themselves back on track?

Laurie's Setlist

Friday, October 26, 2018

John Fogerty / Steve Miller - Thursday 25th October - O2 Arena

A nice double header at the O2. Original seat prices had been well over £100 (outrageous), but we sensibly bided our time and waited for the inevitable 2-1 offer which duly arrived a couple of weeks before showtime with half-decent seats at the side.

I've never seen Steve Miller before, but like enough of his hits to know that I should enjoy his set and indeed I did.

It will come as no surprise to seasoned blog observers that Mr Fogerty is a favourite and looking at the CCR-heavy setlist, you'll see that he delivered just what the doctor ordered. The only criticism is that it all felt a little rushed and the addition of Tyler Fogerty on vocals for 2 numbers did little to add to the occasion. Another son was in the band on guitar.

But all in all, for half price, a very good evening.

Setlist (Steve Miller)
The Stake
Mercury Blues 
All Your Love (I Miss Loving) 
Space Cowboy
Kow Kow
Take the Money and Run
I Want to Make the World Turn Around
Wild Mountain Honey
Dance, Dance, Dance
Serenade From the Stars
Space Intro
Fly Like an Eagle
Rock'n Me
The Joker
Jungle Love
Jet Airliner 

Setlist (John Fogerty)
Travelin' Band 
Green River 
Hey Tonight 
Up Around the Bend 
Who'll Stop the Rain 
Lookin' Out My Back Door 
Rock and Roll Girls
Good Golly Miss Molly (with Tyler Fogerty)
Psycho (with Tyler Fogerty)
Long as I Can See the Light
Mystic Highway
Born on the Bayou
My Toot Toot
Jambalaya (On the Bayou) 
New Orleans / "When the Saints Go Marching In" 
Have You Ever Seen the Rain? 
Rockin' All Over the World
Down on the Corner 
The Old Man Down the Road
Keep On Chooglin' 
Fortunate Son 
Bad Moon Rising 
Proud Mary 

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Warner E Hodges - Tuesday 23rd October - Boom Boom Club, Sutton

Warner E Hodges (centre) and his band
Normally when we see Warner it's as part of the excellent Homemade Sin band with Dan Baird, so it was a treat to see him solo at the local Boom Boom Club.

Warner's passion for music (and especially AC/DC) shone through and he was engaging throughout. The music was great too, wth some solo stuff, tunes from his "other band" - Jason and the Scorchers and a smattering of covers including AC/DC, Beatles, John Denver & CCR.

A really nice evening - come back soon please Warner. "Take Me Home... Country Roads..."