Friday, November 11, 2005

Rachel Fuller - Bedford Arms, Balham - 18th October 2005

It was nice to hear Pete Townshend and guests soundchecking with "I'm One" whilst we waited in the main bar in the Bedford. It certainly gave a taste of what was to come later.

For the main show, Mikey Cuthbert, Foy Vance and Simon Townshend played (and were all very good). Rachel was on next, followed by "special guest", Pete Townshend (or "Pete Towsend" as the billboard on the door stated!!). Rock legend up close and personal in a pub environment - rarely does it get better than that!

Rachel Fuller Setlist (probably!)

Cigarettes And Housework
Into Your Heart
Outside My Window
Ghost in Your Room
The Seeker

Pete Townshend Setlist
Behind Blue Eyes
Christine's Song (Devil In Disguise)
Heart To Hang Onto
Greyhound Girl
In The Ether (with Rachel Fuller)
Let's See Action
I'm One (with all other guests)

Pete Townshend, Simon Townshend and Foy Vance during "I'm One"
Check out for David Stark's photos & video


Anonymous said...

You forgot that Simon Townshend had a rather dodgy woolly hat and that there was a rather attractive blonde barmaid!!!

MatthewB2 said...

I did indeed forget both of those things!

Simon often seems to go for wolly headgear indoors.

As for the barmaid - it's nice to see someone enjoying their job and making an effort with the customers!!