Friday, December 09, 2005

Magnum - Astoria - Thursday 8th December

Earlier in the year Magnum celebrated the 20th Anniversary of release of the "On A Storytellers Night" album with a couple of shows showcasing the entire album. The show at the Astoria was packed and filmed for a DVD - "Livin' The Dream" which is worth buying. judging by the size of the audience, maybe going for a repeat performance so soon was a mistake - the venue was barely half full. Still, that doesn't detract from some excellent music, with the delights of Tony Clarkin's songwriting and under-rated guitar playing. Something similar for "Vigilante" next year maybe?

The early kick-out from the Astoria meant we were able to visit a couple of bars. Garlic and Shots was its normal gothic-self and for a bit of variety we followed this up with a "camp" half in the Admiral Duncan (a famous gay pub in Soho) - some interesting "people watching" - complete with pink Christmas Trees! Then on to the Intrepid Fox for a bit of beer 'n' metal!

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