Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Queen & Paul Rodgers- Monday 13th October - O2 Arena

Decided to go for a new mode of transport to get to this one - the Thames Clipper high speed boat from Waterloo to the O2. Very civilized and a small bar onboard. After a quick couple in "The Pilot", we headed into the arena. One of the problems of it being so big is that to get to our standing entrance was a 5 minute walk even after we were in the venue!

We entered just in time and it was packed! Got a spot about 3/4 of the way back. A good show (I like both Queen and Paul Rodgers solo stuff), but you just can't get away from the feeling that it's not the same without Freddie. Of course, the band and show are good in their own right, the crowd was up for it and if you'd never seen the original Queen then you'd say it was an excellent show. But that's a big "if". Still, enjoy it for what it is.. great songs (quite a heavy setlist here) and only a couple from the (patchy) new album.

Setlist: (from the excellent http://www.queenconcerts.com/live/current-tour/2008-10-13.html)
01. Cosmos Rockin' [intro tape]
02. Surf's Up... School's Out [intro tape only]
03. Hammer To Fall (fast version)
04. Tie Your Mother Down
05. Fat Bottomed Girls
06. Another One Bites The Dust
07. I Want It All
08. I Want To Break Free
09. C-lebrity
10. Surf's Up... School's Out
11. Seagull
12. Love Of My Life (Brian on vocals)
13. '39
14. Bass solo (Danny + Roger)
15. Drum Solo
16. I'm In Love With My Car (Roger on vocals)
17. A Kind Of Magic (Roger on vocals)
18. Say It's Not True (Roger, Brian and Paul on vocals)
19. Bad Company
20. We Believe
21. Guitar Solo
22. Bijou (Freddie's studio vocals)
23. Last Horizon
24. Radio Ga Ga
25. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
26. The Show Must Go On
27. Bohemian Rhapsody
28. Cosmos Rockin' (including comedian Al Murray)
29. All Right Now
30. We Will Rock You
31. We Are The Champions

32: God Save The Queen (tape)

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