Friday, April 24, 2009

Saxon - Thursday 23rd April - Forum, Kentish Town

Suprisingly, I'd never seen Saxon before and knew little of their material. Supported by the impressive Doro Pesch, this was a good fun evening. Despite my lacking of previous listening, there were enough good songs to keep me on the lookout for a "best of" CD in the near future! Extremely long encore too with a bit of Judas Priest!

Battalions of Steel
Heavy Metal Thunder
Demon Sweeney Todd
Ride Like the Wind
Requiem - We Will Remember
Strong Arm of the Law
The Letter
Valley of the Kings
Bands Played On
The Eagle Has Landed (Der Adler ist Gaylanded)
Come Rock of Ages (The Circle is complete)
Machine Gun
Never Surrender
Wheels of Steel
Live to Rock
Motorcycle Man
You've Got Another Thing Coming (with Doro)
747 Strangers In The Night
Denim and Leather
Princess of the Night

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