Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Mods - Friday 23rd October - Tooting & Mitcham FC

Continuing our regluar visits to see Johnny Warman and the boys - this time at the home of Tooting & Mitcham FC - a new venue for me. Pre show, we checked out the delights of Mitcham - the best pub by some distance was the "Hooden On The Green" with excellent darts facilities and attractive staff. Some of the others were a bit rough and ready, but by no means unfriendly.

The gig itself was of the normal excellent standard. It appears (unfortunately) that guitarist Steve Byrd has been permanently replaced which is a shame. He's even been removed from their website, so I wonder if there was a falling out? That said, his replacement - Gary Grainger is also one hell of a guitar player, so it was interesting to check out his playing and try to pick up a few tips!

We'll look forward to seeing the band again in 2010.

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