Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Taylor Swift - Monday 23rd November - Wembley Arena

OK, so we booked this on the strength of the "Fearless" album which is really good. Actually, so is the first one "Taylor Swift". And whilst aware that Taylor was a young up and coming artist, until the tickets were booked and we checked her website, we were not aware of her typical fanbase. Young teenage girls. Oh dear!

This meant 3 things:-

1) The bar was empty and easily accessible!
2) In our whole block of seats (200+) we were the oldest there.
3) In our whole block of seats we were 2 of only 5 blokes.

Putting aside the above, the show was good - full of catchy pop songs. The screaming between songs got a bit much and during one costume change gap I headed to the bar. On my return, I passed Ms Swift herself on the way to a "B Stage" at the back of the Arena and we nodded acknowledgement. Bet she was thinking that I was a bit old to be there!

You Belong With Me
Our Song
Tell Me Why
Teardrops On My Guitar
Forever & Always
Hey Stephen
Tim McGraw
White Horse
Love Story
The Way I Loved You
You're Not Sorry
Picture To Burn
Should've Said No

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