Friday, October 22, 2010

Sheryl Crow – Thursday 21st October, Borderline

Now, I was really looking forward to this. A tiny venue for a star of Ms Crow’s nature – and her first return to the Borderline since her 1994 UK debut. After the annoyance of no physical ticket delivery, we turned up early to “collect” a handstamp to get us in. We got a good central spot about 3 yds from the stage and the venue filled quickly as the Roadies appeared to re-tune every guitar 3 or 4 times. Just after 8:30 it was showtime.

Now I haven’t purchased Sheryl’s latest CD – 100 Miles from Memphis and on this showing it’s going to have to be in the cheap end of the bargain bins before I do. Song after song of endless Jazz/Funk solos. One or two would be fine, but did each song really have to last twice as long as it needed too? The occasional hit or oldie was thrown in, but these seemed understated in the main. I have no problem with an artist wishing to showcase their new material or using the talents of their band (all of whom could certainly perform), but as Richard said on the way out – how “p****d off would we have been if we’d spent 45 quid to sit at the back of Wembley / Hammersmith / wherever and listen to that”. It was a fair observation. Sheryl herself came across well and seemed to enjoy it – but a quick look around saw several bored looking faces. Only saved by the venue and our closeness to the stage it was not a patch on previous times I’ve seen her.

Our Love is Fading
A Change Would Do You Good
Eye to Eye
100 Miles From Memphis
Can't Cry Anymore
Summer Day
My Favorite Mistake
Sign Your Name
Improvised Guitar (Doyle Bramhall)
Long Road
Everyday Is A Winding Road
All I Wanna Do (with Mike Rowe)
I Shall Believe

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