Monday, May 09, 2011

John Waite - Sunday 8th May - Borderline

A genuine "double bill" here with the excellent John Parr opening with a brilliant short acoustic set.

I don't know too much John Waite material, but so good was he that I bought his new CD (autographed!) from the merchandise stand. Great music in one of my favourite small venues!

Oh and a "Ling Alert" number 3!

John Parr Setlist
Coming To The Borderline
The Best A Man Can Get
Naughty Naughty
At The Cathedral
Oh Well
Guitar solo
St. Elmo's Fire

John Waite Setlist
Back On My Feet Again
Mr. Wonderful
Better Off Gone
In Dreams
Best Of What I Got
Whenever You Come Around
Suicide Life
If You Ever Get Lonely
Love's Goin' Out of Style
Drum solo
Missing You
Rough &Tumble
Sweet Rhode Island Red
Head First

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