Friday, November 30, 2012

Magnum - Thursday 29th November - Islington Academy

Bob Catley and Tony Clarkin keep the nightlight burning
A trip to Islington for the 2nd week running, this time to the Academy to see Magnum. The backstreets of Islington appear be a haven for attractive Eastern European bar staff and this was again the case this evening.

We made sure however, that we arrived in good time at the venue (last time Magnum were here it was so packed we barely got through the door) and secured our regular spot for this venue on the right hand side with a decent view. The setlist for this door has been absolutely static and at first glance may appear slightly biased toward newer material, but from first song to last, the band were at their captivating best. It helps that their last couple of albums have been top notch too.

Bob Catley continures to enthrall the audience with the enthusiasm of a man have his age (and full credit for the first time I have ever heard the words "Come on Islington!"), whilst Tony Clarkin's guitar playing is first rate and seemingly effortless. Add in the wonderful Harry James, Mark Stanway and Al Barrow and this is a top rate band. We were slightly puzzled with what could be needed on Mark Stanways laptop/Mac Airbook - not sure they use too much in the way of pre-recorded loops, but whatever issues the roadie was trying to sort didn't appear to affect the sound.

Predictable highlights were "Les Morts Dansant", "The Spirit" and "Vigilante" plus a relatively rare outing for "Day Of No Trust". Cracking stuff.

Richard and I were speculating that over the course of 25 years of watching Magnum, we have never heard them play a cover version live. Not withstanding that they did things like "Runaway Sue" earlier in their career, what other bands of stature can you say that for? A colleague put forward Bad Sabbath as a possibility - if anyone knows of any more or can correct us re: Magnum, I'd be interested to hear!

PS Another "Ling" point easily collected.

All The Dreamers
When We Were Younger
Blood Red Laughter
Wild Angels
Brand New Morning
How Far Jerusalem
The Flood
Les Morts Dansant
The Spirit
Dance Of The Black Tattoo
All My Bridges
All England's Eyes
Kingdom Of Madness
See How They Fall
Rockin' Chair
Days Of No Trust

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