Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Union - Saturday 9th February - Terminal Studios, London

Peter Shoulder of The Union in rehearsal
A very special show this one. Having signed up as a "pledger" to support the recording of the Union's new album, Rich and I paid to attend an informal rehearsal at Terminal Studios where the band run through the set for the forthcoming tour, have a few beers and chat with their fans. Sounds good? Well it was.

When we arrived, I was surprised by how small the studio was and the fact that there were only about 20 of us in the audience. The band had kindly provided drinks (Luke even popping out to Sainsbury's for more beer!) and were mingling before the action started, kindly waiting for a couple of latecomers. They then romped through the new set, with all of us guaranteed a first or second row spot, interspersed with a couple of stories or a bit of chat. If the band made a rare mistake, they went over it - just like a real rehearsal. When all was done, there was plenty of time for more chat and more beer. The band were happy for photos and autographs (we all got a setlist which was a nice touch) as well as answering all our "fan-type" questions. To say we were made welcome was an understatement. A great afternoon and thanks to Luke, Pete, Chris and Dave!

Step Up To The Plate
You're My Jesus
Tangled Up In You
Cut The Line
Perfect Crime
The World Is yours
Tonight I'm Alive
Black Monday
Fading Out Of Love
Black Gold
Siren's Song
Watch The River Flow

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