Sunday, October 13, 2013

Wheatus - Saturday 12th October - Borderline

After a previous trip seeing Wheatus in Kingston a year or 2 back, I was looking forward to seeing them play in a really small venue. Shamefully, I didn't own their debut CD which was being celebrated here, so I had to borrow a copy from my brother. That sounded OK, but I anticipated a bit more from the live experience. I was to be proved correct.

I met my fellow gig-goers in a slightly dodgy part of town a few minutes walk from Stockwell tube  at least the pub had an interesting selection of beers. We then failed miserably to get into the Intreprid Fox near the venue - a ticket only event with various zombies and vampires was in full swing (as indeed it appeared to be across the whole of Soho).

As predicted, the venue was packed (an afternoon matinee had been added!) and we were inside in time to catch the end of the main support - a freestyle rapper. H'mmm. There's an undoubted skill to being able to rap along to whatever nonsense is passed to you (phones, shoes, bag, glasses, beer etc), but let's just say it isn't my cup of tea.

Anyway, thankfully the main band were on. They somehow were getting some very electric sounds out of the semi-acoustic lead guitar (which appeared to be channeled through a bank of iPads/Macs at the rear of the stage.

My guess is that they played pretty much every song they've recorded plus a very good cover of Green Day's "Basket Case". The One Direction cover played on most of the other dates was sadly missing on this occasion (and no AC/DC either - genuine shame!). Of course, all ended with a boisterous "Teenage Dirtbag" with support acts back on stage. The one we missed (first on the bill I guess) actually sang really good vocals on this!

Off to Bradleys for a nightcap and a good fun evening was had by all.

The London Sun
Fair Weather Friend
A Little Respect 
Hey, Mr. Brown
Whole Amoeba
The Story of The Eggs
BMX Bandits
Love Is A Mutt From Hell
Wannabe Gangster
Basket Case
Teenage Dirtbag
Hump 'em n' Dump 'em

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