Friday, September 18, 2015

Wheatus - Thursday 17th September, Kingston Hippodrome

It now seems traditional for Wheatus to start any UK tour in Kingston. And for a £5 ticket, I am more than happy to "get down with the kids" at the Student Nightclub! Much emptier than on previous occasions, but no less fun because of it. The band started off with a few songs fronted by guest Mike Doughty (who has an interesting history - look him up on Google)

We got the full debut album plus a few more highlights. And even a Taylor Swift Cover ("Shake It Off") from the backing singers.

Singer (and only original member) Brendan B. Brown engaged well with the crowd and happily tells the crowd the title of each song and the album it's from. Sadly, I didn't write any of that down, so you're on your own for the setlist!

Good fun.

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