Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Wendy James (2) - Monday 15th February - Old Blue Last, Shoreditch

So if the earlier post had a potential 25 year gap between seeing Wendy, here she is again a mere 3 hours later with a free show at the Old Blue Last - a new venue for me. More of a straight through gig, with little in between chat, she did mention that this was "much less stressful" than the earlier show. 3 Transvision Vamp songs in amongst the solo material kept the crowd happy. Despite my back hurting (a lot) from the standing this was good fun. And for free - that rarity in London - a bargain night out. 

I Want Your Love
Bad Intentions And A Bit Of Cruelty
King Rat
I'm Freaking Out
You're a Good Man, Sister
Indigent Blues
The Moondead In The River
Tell That Girl To Shut Up
If Looks Could Kill
Bitter Funny
You're A Dirtbomb, Lester
Farewell To Love
You Tell Me
Baby I Don't Care

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