Sunday, August 26, 2018

Jeff Beck, Paul Rodgers & Ann Wilson - Saturday 25th August - Coral Sky Amphitheatre, West Palm Beach, FL

Still in the states, a solo trip to see 3 musical icons. In fact I've previously paid to see all 4 of the acts on the bill, so I was confident it would be good and indeed it was. A strange amphitheatre, my expensive front block seats were under cover, with a cheap grass semi-circle at the rear providing good value.

Ann Wilson's powerful vocals were put to good use during a tribute to "many artists we've lost recently", although a couple of the songs were very much "interpretations" of the originals - not note for note covers. I particularly enjoyed the 2 Who songs, fairly predictably.

Paul Rodgers was excellent. His voice never ceases to impress and a good set of "greatest hits" was supported by a fabulous band ("borrowed" from Deborah Bonham). Deborah and Ann joined in for "Rock And Roll Fantasy". What was really interesting was that the American audience were very enthusiastic about the "Band Company" songs, but hardly seemed to know the "Free" stuff.

Jeff Beck was top of the bill. His playing was as fantastic as always, although I did not know much of the material at all. Compared to previous occasions when I have seen him, there was not much overlap!

Again, I avoided the beer - $17 a go!! But it was so hot, I had to buy a couple of £5 waters. I sneaked away during the encore to ensure I could escape the car-park madness. At least the parking was free!


Jeff Beck
Pull It
You Know You Know 
Morning Dew (with Jimmy Hall)
I Have to Laugh (with Jimmy Hall)
Lonnie on the Move (with Jimmy Hall)
Mn√° na h-√Čireann 
Just For Fun
Little Wing (with Jimmy Hall)
Big Block
Cause We've Ended As Lovers
Brush With the Blues
Superstition (with Jimmy Hall)
A Day in the Life
Corpus Christi Carol
Going Down (with Jimmy Hall)

Paul Rodgers
Little Bit of Love
Can't Get Enough
Wishing Well
Feel Like Makin' Love
The Stealer
Ready for Love
Movin' On
Mr. Big
Fire and Water
Shooting Star
Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy (with Ann Wilson and Deborah Bonham)
All Right Now

Ann Wilson
The Real Me
Ain't No Way
I Am the Highway
Back to Black
You Don't Own Me
Life in the Fast Lane
Won't Get Fooled Again

Deborah Bonham
Hold On
The Old Hyde
No Angel

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