Saturday, October 27, 2018

Snakecharmer - Friday 26th October - ULU, London

So what to make of Snakecharmer? Having started off as a Whitesnake inspired tribute and moved to create an excellent debut album of their own, they seem to have lost their way slightly. Micky Moody has left and whilst those excellent musicians who are left can perform impeccably, the spark seems to have gone somewhat.

That was summed up by the fact that up until the day of the show, I wasn't 100% sure about making the trek up to the ULU - not really London's greatest venue with it's overpriced bottle-only bar, limited toilet facilities and no-balcony access policy.

I decided to go. Sadly, very few others made the same choice and I was stunned at how sparse the venue was - everyone could have popped back to mine afterwards! And that was a shame - and all credit to the band that they still performed a decent set.

There was competition for the audience from Robert Plant / Van Morrison across town, but surely not such an overlapping fan base for that to be the reason for such lack of interest. So, there must be some serious questions to be asked. How do a band as talented as this get themselves back on track?

Laurie's Setlist

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