Thursday, June 29, 2006

Bon Jovi - St Mary's Stadium, Southampton - Friday 9th June

My first gig at St. Mary's having been there a number of times for football. Arrived just in time to catch the end of Nickelback who sounded OK. Our seats at the side provided a good view, albeit quite a way from the stage. Sound quality was suprisingly good and the show was a sell-out.

We got a good 2 hrs 20 from BJ and most enjoyable it was too. No matter what the rumours about JBJ's perceived obnoxiousness from some quarters, the guy does know how to put on a show and interact with the crowd. For me, "Runaway" was a highlight, especially as it was unexpected. Good stuff - indoors next time though please John!

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lynne said...

I was also at st mary's that day,it was fab i went with my boyfriend,we were 3 row's fron the front of the stage.
I have also seen bon jovi at milton kenyes(one wild night tour)
And hyde park(bounce tour)

Although they were good at st mary's the best one i have been to was hyde park.

But they really know how to get the crowd going,considering that they are all late 40's to early 50's they put on a much better show than band's half their age's.