Friday, July 07, 2006

Status Quo - Epsom Racecourse - Thursday 6th July

For the 3rd year running, Quo play the "Epsom Live!" series of shows at the racecourse. They normally finish the sequence, but due to touring commitments, they are opening it this year. Maybe as a result, attendance is down. Rumour has it that there were around 20,000 last year - I'm guessing this was more 10-12,000. We got a good spot in the grandstand and after an unsuccessful evening betting wise, the band lifted our spirits.

Pretty much the normal "festival set" of recent years, but with "Hold You Back" and no "4500 times/Rain". Don't know if it was my imagination, but got the feeling that Rick's voice was being protected. Still got the 3 "Heavy Traffic" songs (Why?), but unlike last year, a later curfew and a full encore, including "Burning Bridges". I normally dislike that with a passion, but Francis appeared to be playing lead for the main tune (it's normally keyboards) and this improved it immensely. All over by 10.30 and a happy crowd drifted into the night.

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