Monday, July 03, 2006

The Who - Hyde Park Calling - Sunday 2nd July

40,000 in a field? Not my idea of fun. Most of the other bands on the bill? Not my cup of tea. But the lure of the Who proved to much, and here I am, reluctantly at an outdoor festival. Arrived just in time to see Razorlight on the main stage and moved away ASAP - their singer cannot sing! Went instead to see Primal Scream on the "B" stage (in a tent!) and that was much better.

Not going to go into too much detail on the Who, other than to say they were excellent as always!

Oh, and the Bitburger in the Star was nice too. No sign of "Pogo Patterson" though.

PS Hello to my new "Pompey" friend I met on the last train back to Sutton. Nice to meet you and apologies for suggesting you may be a "skate" !! (Well, if you will insist that Fratton Park is "nice"...)

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