Thursday, December 20, 2007

Joe Cocker - Indigo2, London - Sunday 16th December

The evening started with a pleasantly swift trip to London due to engineering works. This had the unexpected bonus of a fast train direct to London Bridge where we caught the 2nd half of Arsenal v Chelsea around Borough Market. A swiftish tube to the Millennium Dome where, unfortunately, The Spice Girls were also playing. Due to Dave’s rubbish information, we were unable to find the “Philpot” pub, either in reality or on-line for directions - mainly due to it being called the “Pilot”. So a quick one in the “Slug & Lettuce” (not normally found in such places by choice) and into the venue. The “Indigo2” holds around 2000 people and must have the highest price gig bar in England (bar the appalling Pigalle club of course). £4 for a pint of Becks Vier! Outrageous and out of principle meant no more were purchased.

Gig was solid - Mr Cocker certainly starting to look his age, but vocally still impressive. All the expected hits were played - I was especially please to hear “When The Night Comes” and “She Came In Through The Bathroom Window”. I lost big-time in the bet with Richard on the number of unnecessary “screams”. I went 12 or under - we lost count somewhere around 30!

Once again found ourselves next to a couple (in their 50’s) who were totally legless and unable to stand without supporting each other (just). To avoid getting too annoyed, I moved away - thankfully 10 minutes later they had staggered elsewhere. 2 blokes behind us (also in their 50’s) were in a similar state. That has been one of the bad things this year - people turning up at gigs absolutely slaughtered. As you know from these pages, I’m all for making the gig a social occasion - but surely the idea must be to be in some sort of state to enjoy / remember it!

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