Friday, December 14, 2007

Status Quo - Brighton Centre - Thursday 13th December

My prediction was that they'll have dropped "Gravy Train". Failing that, the set will be the same as at Southend & Croydon. We shall see...

Wrong on both counts!! Gravy Train in and "Burning Bridges" added.

This was my 3rd (and last) show of the tour and by far the best. Francis seemed really up for this one and some of the improvised solos were excellent. I'm not normally a fan of Burning Bridges, but when you get the "guitar version" like last night (as opposed to what I term the "keyboard version" which often gets played), it really rocks!

All in all a great night! (also funny to see security asking Rhino what he wanted them to do with the bloke who tried to climb on stage. "Throw him out" was the obvious reply!)

We also did a nice mini-crawl of the Kemp Town area of Brighton beforehand - especially liked the Hoffbrau in the Hand In Hand and the huge female > male ratio in the St James!

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