Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Mods - Saturday 22nd March - CSC, Cheam

A private charity show from The Mods - less than 5 minutes from home. That'll do nicely. This was my first time seeing the band since Johnny Warman was replaced by Tim Huggins on vocals. Maybe comparing them would be disrespectful as both have different styles. The new singer has a good range of vocals, but has a way to go to match Mr Warman's showmanship and crowd encouragement.

I think this could be described as a tough gig for the band. An empty dance floor in front of them and people packed at the back near the bar and sitting in seats elsewhere. Still a strong performance got some people on their feet later on. I guess that's the danger of being a house band at an event, rather than the main event themselves. Still, good performance + good band = good evening.

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