Monday, March 31, 2014

Status Quo - Monday 31st March - Hammersmith Apollo

Quo Night 3.

I'd genuinely had no intention of doing the Monday night at Hammersmith, but nights 1 and 2 were so good, it made it essential - especially if this is genuinely the last chance to see this lineup.

The venue was much less busy - probably only 2/3 capacity on the floor, so this meant we had easy access to a good spot. We swapped our "normal" front-left position for a front-right one to see Alan Lancaster close up. He seemed revived after a day-off and again the band were on form. A slight bit of feedback disturbed the set part way through, but Rossi was having fun with some searing solo's than were different from the previous shows. Still no jig in Roadhouse Blues, which was a rare disappointment.

I treated myself to the signed lithograph on the way out - it will find pride of place somewhere at home.

All in all though, a fantastic 3 shows. Got to be up there as the gigs of the year.

Junior's Wailing
Backwater / Just Take Me
Is There a Better Way
In My Chair
Blue Eyed Lady
Little Lady / Most of the Time
(April) Spring, Summer and Wednesdays
Oh Baby
Forty-Five Hundred Times / Gotta Go Home
Big Fat Mama
Down Down
Roadhouse Blues
Bye Bye Johnny

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