Thursday, January 21, 2016

Jackaman - Wednesday 20th January - Borderline

Lynne Jackaman at the Borderline
My first show of 2016 is at the Borderline to see Jackaman - the collective backing the eponymous singer Lynne Jackaman which includes Quireboys Guy Griffin & Nick Malling.

The evening started with a very thorough frisk and electronic wand search on the door - just as well we were in plenty of time as the queue grew noticeably due to the slow progress. Once inside we were able to enjoy a brief set from Pete Shoulder. The "Union" frontman was on his own here, performing an acoustic selection from his previous album and forthcoming one. Pete was in good form and seemed popular with the expanding crowd. A limited sampler EP was available and duly purchased.

Jackaman was always going to be louder, but we stayed in our position under the main speaker at the front. I had not seen the band before (but did have the "No Halo" EP) so sort of knew what to expect. And very impressive it was too. In terms of bluesy Rock and Soul, it's probably not too much of a stretch to compare Lynne Jackaman's terrific vocals to a young Tina Turner. Backed by a stella lineup of musicians, the result was very pleasing. A couple of the songs themselves maybe could have been stronger, but for an artist early in her career, this was very good indeed. The ex-St Jude singer also interacted well with the crowd.

Looking forward to next time.

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