Saturday, January 30, 2016

Simon Townshend - Friday 29th January - Half Moon, Putney

Second show of the week for me. Now on this date I was meant to be at the Hammersmith Apollo to see Motörhead, but sadly Lemmy's passing at the end of last year meant that wasn't to be.

A bit of class though from the venue organisers to pay tribute in the way they did though:-

So, instead it was off to the somewhat more intimate Half Moon in Putney for the launch of Simon Townshend's new "Stir Records" label. A full band set - Simon and the boys romped through a varied set of past favourites and current tunes in front a decent crowd.

The last time I'd seen Phil Spalding was with Johnny Warman where his excellent (and bl***y loud) guitar had deafened us with some great Who songs. Here, he played bass - apparently his normal day job - and was good as well. In fact the band had learnt all the songs well considering only a couple of days practice - there were only a very few minor errors from what I could tell.

Highlights for me included the relatively new "Time Bomb" and the evergreen "The Way It Is".

At the end of the show, the Limited Edition EP was added to my collection too as a nice souvenir of a good evening.

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