Saturday, March 10, 2018

Magnum - Friday 9th March - Islington Assembly Hall

Brief Review: It's 2018 and Magnum are still going strong. That in itself is a reason to celebrate and even if stalwart Mark Stanway and recent collaborator Harry James have moved on, this evening demonstrated the unique appeal of the band from the Black Country. Bob Catley's vocals were better than the last few tours and Tony Clarkin's guitar as effortlessly brilliant as always. Add in the energy that Al Barrow brings to the party and it was clear that the band and crowd were enjoying themselves.

For me, it was a slightly slow burner, but by the end, the whole venue was a sea of swaying arms and mass sing-a-longs. The only downside was the appearance half way through of a greasy haired idiot in front of us who's air punching and headbanging seemed to demand an exclusion zone around him. We always seem to pick them!

When We Were Younger
Sacred Blood “Divine” Lies
Lost on the Road to Eternity
Crazy Old Mothers
Without Love
Your Dreams Won't Die
Peaches and Cream
How Far Jerusalem
Les Morts Dansant
Show Me Your Hands
Twelve Men Wise and Just
All England's Eyes
Don't Wake the Lion (Too Old to Die Young)
The Spirit
When the World Comes Down

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