Friday, March 09, 2018

The Fratellis - Thursday 8th March - New Slang @ The Hippodrome, Kingston

Brief Review: Banquet Records in Kingston do a fine job of attracting some decent acts down to a club night in town - usually with the bonus of flogging a fair few copies of their new CD. Tonight it's the Fratellis and it's an impressive showcase of music new and old - and 4 songs getting their live debut ahead of the upcoming UK tour. I was particularly impressed by the cleaness of the guitar sound and the clear vocals. £15 for the new CD and a decent gig - bargain!
And, I wasn't quite the oldest person in the club - result!

Baby Don't You Lie to Me!
Stand Up Tragedy
Starcrossed Losers
Impostors (Little by Little)
Whistle for the Choir
Baby Fratelli
I’ve Been Blind
Everybody Knows You Cried Last Night
Laughing Gas
We Need Medicine
Chelsea Dagger
A Heady Tale

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