Sunday, March 31, 2013

Paul Rodgers - Saturday 30th March - Chichester Venue

First gig for a while that we've been unable to get to (and more importantly, home from) by public transport. The show - in a bizarre trading estate venue - was in aid of the local horse sanctuary and also featured the Deborah Bonham band. We caught part of her set which was good - a raucous version of Led Zep's "Rock And Roll" bringing things to a close.

After an auction which went on a bit longer that expected. Mr Rodgers arrived in a fine yellow shirt. Borrowing Deborah Bonham's band, I was amazed by the 100% Free setlist that followed which included songs apparently not played for several years if not decades. The band were fantastic (especially lead guitar), vocals as good as ever and this truly was a night to remember. See you next year?

Wishing Well
The Stealer
Ride on a Pony
Be My Friend
Songs of Yesterday
Fire and Water
Mr. Big
I'm a Mover
Oh I Wept
My Brother Jake
Little Bit of Love
Walk In My Shadow
The Hunter
All Right Now

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