Sunday, March 17, 2013

Status Quo - Saturday 16th April - Hammersmith Apollo

More of the same (without the pre-show trribute band) - this time we were nearer to the front. Great atmosphere again. Same set as last night (no surprise there). Being at the front, it was apparent that Alan Lancaster looked a little frailer than I'd previously noticed. He was also having great difficulty holding on to the plectrum he uses to pluck his bass - by my reckoning he must have dropped it at least a dozen times. As the roadie usually had to come on to pick it up, I wondered why they didn't simply have a strip of replacements on his mic stand? I hope this wasn't a sign of Alan's much talked about illness and that he comes through this run of shows in good health.

Another great night. Now partly regretting not booking for Wembley Arena tomorrow!

Junior's Wailing
Just Take Me
Is There a Better Way
In My Chair
Blue Eyed Lady
Little Lady
Most of the Time
(April) Spring, Summer and Wednesdays
Oh Baby
Forty-Five Hundred Times
Big Fat Mama
Down Down
Roadhouse Blues
Don't Waste My Time
Bye Bye Johnny

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