Monday, May 14, 2018

Elio Pace & David Brown - Sunday 13th May - Leicester Square Theatre

Regular readers of this blog may recognise the name "Elio Pace" as the singer-songwriter who has been touring the last few years with his "Billy Joel Songbook" show, which I've seen a couple of times and can definitely recommend. Tonight is slightly different as he has persuaded David Brown - a member of Billy's band from the mid eighties to mid nineties to join him. The plan is to celebrate 2 of Billy's albums that David played on in their entirety - Glass Houses and An Innocent Man.

Presented with intros to the songs, anecdotes from both Elio and David plus a brief Q&A with the audience, the fantastic band breathed new life into the classic songs in a two and a half hour show. I remembered being impressed with David's playing at Wembley Arena in the early 90's, but it was a joy to see him play in such an intimate setting. Elio was clearing enjoying himself too and was on top vocal form. If they can arrange for this pairing to work again sometime soon then I will definitely be back.

[Set 1: Glass Houses]
You May Be Right
Sometimes a Fantasy
Don't Ask Me Why
It's Still Rock and Roll to Me
All for Leyna
I Don't Want to Be Alone
Sleeping with the Television On
C'├ętait Toi (You Were the One)
Close to the Borderline

Through the Long Night

[Set 2: An Innocent Man]
Easy Money
An Innocent Man
The Longest Time
This Night
Tell Her About It
Uptown Girl
Careless Talk
Christie Lee
Leave a Tender Moment Alone
Keeping the Faith


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