Friday, October 30, 2015

Dan Baird & Homemade Sin - Thursday 29th October - Winchester Railway Inn

A new venue for me - the Railway Inn in Winchester. Earlier in the day we'd had a wander around the Cathedral town and despite the rainy weather found it very pleasant. Highlight was "The Black Boy" pub where we had our first ever game (in 30 years of pub going!) of "Ringing The Bull". See links below.

The venue at the Railway Inn was smaller than I'd expected - I guess it holds around 125 when full? There we around 90 tonight (including some familiar faces from London shows) and it was bl**dy loud! Indeed my ears were still ringing well into Friday, but then again we were very near to Warner's speakers.

Dan and the boys never play a dud show, but this one had less in the 2 hour setlist for me than previous years. That is not a complaint - I love the way the band mix up the set tour after tour and even show after show. What was interesting was the lack of covers thrown into the middle of other songs - for instance this must be the first version of "Sheila" without a break into anything else that I've heard since about 1990! That said, maybe that is the norm for shows outside of London?

"I Love You Period" and "Mon Cherie" saw the audience in fine voice - but I'm now wishing I'd written the setlist down. Anyone out there have it please?

I'll have to pick up my merchandise (new CD and Vinyl) at next week's London show due to a quick dash for the fast London-bound train. A good day.
[of 15 throws, score is MB 1, RB 2 - seems we need 21 to make a game]

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