Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Joanne Shaw Taylor - Monday 26th October - Jazz Cafe, London

Monday evening is never the best for gigs, but an evening with Joanne Shaw Taylor makes for a worthwhile trip to Camden and the Jazz Cafe for an evening of blues. The venue had reliable stage times (Brooklyn Bowl take note!) and we were in place in the back corner of the sold out venue 10 minutes before showtime. And what a good show it was. Joanne's playing was excellent and ably supported by the excellent 2 other members of the three-piece. Slightly unnervingly, 2 people collapsed quite close to us half way through - we think because of the very hot temperature (the air conditioning was turned on shortly afterwards). The young Jazz Cafe staff did a really good job of treating those affected, getting them water and helping them outside - thankfully just about back on their feet. Obviously hope they were OK.

The music came from a selection of JST's back catalogue - the more recent influenced by a recent boyfriend in slightly disparaging terms. As I said, the soloing in particular was great and I'm sure appreciated by the decidedly middle aged crowd. The one thing I would add is that I can't remember any other act I've seen where no-one sings along to any of the songs - I think the emphasis is on the guitar and maybe the lyrics get lost somewhat in the music. A bonus "Ling-alert" point (you'll have to read earlier blogs to see what that is about!) and a good evening was completed by use of the gents in a nearby hostelry followed by a frame of pool against a patron who could barely speak or stand up (I won). Didn't stay long enough to find out if I was being hustled.

Mud, Honey
Outlaw Angel
Wrecking Ball
Tried, Tested & True
Jump That Train
Diamonds In The Dirt
Almost Always Never (acoustic)
Army of One (acoustic)
Watch 'em Burn
Time Has Come
Tied & Bound
Going Home
The Dirty Truth

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