Saturday, October 31, 2015

Tom Robinson - Friday 30th October - Harpenden Public Halls

A busy October comes to an end with another new venue for me (and indeed new town) - and a Thameslink trek across town to the Harpenden Public Halls.

I had been impressed with Mr Robinson a month or 2 back and with Mrs B keen to see him too, this was the only accessible show for us on the rest of the tour.

The show was in a different show to the new album showcase in London. It was still in two halves, but followed a more traditional mix of hits interspersed with new material.

Again it was really enjoyable. The view was good, with a very high stage and sound quality excellent. Tom's personality comes across really well with the in-between song stories and the musicianship was, once again, of high standard. There was even an improvised "Grey Cortina" in response to an audience request, which possibly wasn't on the original setlist. Sadly, we had to leave at the end of "2-4-6-8 Motorway" to get the train and missed the "surprise" encore, but again a fun evening was had in what looks to be a nice town. I shall return.

The Winter of '79
Too Good to Be True
Cry Out
Never Get Old
Up Against the Wall
Merciful God
War Baby
Meet Me Half Way [Duet with Lee Forsyth-Griffiths]
Home In The Morning
Don't Jump, Don't Fall
Atmospherics: Listen to the Radio
Glad to Be Gay
Risky Business
The Mighty Sword Of Justice
Grey Cortina
2-4-6-8 Motorway
Power in the Darkness
Only The Now

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