Friday, December 09, 2005

Status Quo - Brighton Centre - Friday 9th December

Found out this was cancelled on the morning just before travelling. Rick Parfitt had been diagnosed with probable throat cancer - sad news indeed. That may have also explained him being "out of sorts" somewhat last week at Croydon.

(Happily a few weeks later, after laser surgery, he has been given the all clear) - although unhappily it sounds as if Mike Peters of the Alarm may not have been so lucky. Best wishes to him too.

Magnum - Astoria - Thursday 8th December

Earlier in the year Magnum celebrated the 20th Anniversary of release of the "On A Storytellers Night" album with a couple of shows showcasing the entire album. The show at the Astoria was packed and filmed for a DVD - "Livin' The Dream" which is worth buying. judging by the size of the audience, maybe going for a repeat performance so soon was a mistake - the venue was barely half full. Still, that doesn't detract from some excellent music, with the delights of Tony Clarkin's songwriting and under-rated guitar playing. Something similar for "Vigilante" next year maybe?

The early kick-out from the Astoria meant we were able to visit a couple of bars. Garlic and Shots was its normal gothic-self and for a bit of variety we followed this up with a "camp" half in the Admiral Duncan (a famous gay pub in Soho) - some interesting "people watching" - complete with pink Christmas Trees! Then on to the Intrepid Fox for a bit of beer 'n' metal!

Monday, December 05, 2005

Basement Jam - Sunday 4th December - The Boathouse, Twickenham

A rare treat. An invitation only show entitled "Basement Jam", This internet broadcast is the culmination of the last couple of years of the "In The Attic" internet video podcast from Rachel Fuller (often assisted by Pete Townshend).

The intimate show here features the normal guests from recent months (see Bedford Arms entry) and culminates with a fantastic acoustic set from Pete Townshend interspersed with a few stories and history of the room that we are in (Oceanic Studios at The Boathouse)

It's a bit like being invited round for tea by one of your musical heroes, so suffice to say I enjoyed my evening!


Pete Townshend
Greyhound Girl
Blue Red and Grey
In the Ether (with Rachel)
Just Breathe (with Rachel)
Sunrise (with Rachel)
Behind Blue Eyes
Let’s See Action

Rachel Fuller
Into My Heart
Ghost in Your Room
Cigarettes and Housework
Happy to Be Sad
Pleasure Seeker
Shine (with all)

Simon Townshend
Save Me From Me
Soul Searching
Girl In New York
The Way It Is
Sex Change

Foy Vance
Crosstown Traffic (Hendrix)
Gabriel & The Vagabond
Don’t Please Yourself
Indiscriminate Act of Kindness

Mikey Cuthbert
Clever Girl
My Pigeon Friend

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Quireboys - Mean Fiddler - Friday 2nd December

A similar set to that played at the excellent Kingston Peel show earlier in the year. A sparse audience though, which was a shame. Spike rambled on between songs and was, as normal, encouraging the crowd to buy him a drink! Often the band would start the next song just to shut him up! All in all, a good show - the Quireboys are a real "good time" band with some excellent songs and deserve a bigger audience.