Friday, September 22, 2006

Woodedz- The Orange (West Kensington) - Thursday 21st September

Took the opportunity for a bit of a crawl before getting to West Kensington, starting in the White Horse in Parson's Green. Then onto further establishments on the way via Fulham Broadway, including a dodgy game of darts (one throw, "100", - the next, "4") and a partial Pub Quiz where we didn't have time to stay for the end, but would have been near the top based on the first 3 rounds if we were playing for real...

Woodedz are John "Rhino" Edwards from Status Quo and his sons Max and Freddie. This low-key gig was not really supporting anything and was showcasing the "Rhino's Revenge" CD from a few years back and this it did pretty well.

Rhino's singing was better than I'd remembered and the boys guitars and drums were spot on. Wasn't sure about the "rap" halfway through, but there were good versions of Quo's "Obstruction Day" and "Paper Plane". The set finished with a tribute to the Brentford Striker, Lloyd Owusu... "the one and only" according the catchy song!

All good fun - shame only about 80 people turned up. Bit of a pain to get home from on a Thursday for us, but at least home not too much after midnight.

Next up, next month is Dan Baird... looking forward to that.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Robbie Williams - Wembley Stadium - Tuesday 19th September

Wembley Stadium? - yeah right !! Moved to Milton Keynes Bowl... no siree bob, thank you very much! Refund promptly obtained.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

"We Will Rock You" - Dominion Theatre - Tuesday 5th September

The 5th September would have been Freddie Mercury's 60th Birthday if he was still alive. This special perfomance of the Queen musical was its normal good fun (despite highly suspect plot!) and featured "special guests". Only a couple as it turned out, but I was able to increase my "chart acts seen" by McFly turning up for "Don't Stop Me Now".

For the encore, the expected appearance of Brian May and Roger Taylor gave us Bohemian Rhapsody, Love of My Life, Say It Isn't So (I know it's for a good cause, but I really don't rate this song) and The Show Must Go On.

I'm perhaps being greedy, but had hoped for a few more guests.. Still, what we saw was good and we spotted Spike Edney and Neil Murray in the house band... let's rock!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Bad Influence - "The Windsor Castle" (Carshalton) - Saturday 2nd September

Hadn't known anything about this until Richard told me a day or 2 beforehand. Bad Influence normally feature Harry and Chris from Thunder and play a selection of original material and covers. Carshalton is only a brief train ride from home, so I met Richard there just after 9 and only missed 2 songs.

The pub itself (and clientale) is a real 70's throwback. Think "The Sweeney" and you are spot on. Lots of middle aged men in brown jackets with wide lapels and lots of smoke. No really... lots! We resisted all temptation to shout "You're Nicked!" and enjoyed the music. The vast majority of the music was originals (which we didn't know), but we were treated to a second encore with "I'd Rather Go Blind" and "Keep Your Hands To Yourself". No Chris on bass, but Harry was on good form. Good stuff overall.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

The Mods - Sutton United FC - Friday 1st September

First gig for a while and a nice Friday night 10 minute stroll from home. The Mods are always worth seeing - a collection of fine musicians who who may well have seen in the bands of famous artists on bigger stages.

Tonight, we got the lineup of Johnny Warman, Steve Byrd, Johnny Marter, Steve Barnacle and Spike Edney. This was actually a birthday bash for the promoter so we got the best of the Mods and 4 Bills and a Ben (their alta-ego). As the Mods they play covers of the 60's Rock and Britpop scene (think the Who, Small Faces, Kinks etc) and as the 4 Bills more a soulful sound (Tina Turner, Athur Conley, Robert Johnson, James Brown etc).

The highlight for me (as usual with these guys) was the extraordinary guitar playing of Steve Byrd - the guy is brilliant and makes it look amazingly easy. He used to be in Tina Turner's band and supposedly wrote the music for Baywatch (which of course, was why we all watched it!)

Only critisism was that the 4 bar staff were nowhere near enough to cope with the demand and so service was slow. Still, at least thanks to the new relaxed laws we could enjoy a pint in the Plough afterwards.

All in all an excellent 2 hours of great music - if you get the chance to see these guys, do !