Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wheatus - Thursday 22nd September - Kingston Hippodrome

A late decision - based on a bargain price (£4), nearby location and the fact that I'd never been to the venue - even when I was appropriately young enough to mix with the crowd it attracted. As it was, I was expectedly in the top percentile - age and height wise! And it's not every show I go to where full airport-style metals detectors are in play - tapers eat your heart's out!
So I was only ever going to know 2 songs (the cover of "A Little Respect" and their chart-topper "Teenage Dirtbag"), but I was really impressed by the musicianship, audience interaction and quality of all the songs in their hour or so long set (it may have been longer - we missed the start). The place was packed and even allowing for the fact that people were necking shots by the half-dozen there was a friendly atmosphere.

Brendan B Brown / Karlie Bruce
On our way out, the band were helping pack their gear into a transit, so I took the oportunity to offer my congratulations on a good show. Richard wanted to know why I chose to have this short conversation with backing vocalist Karlie Bruce as opposed to main man Brendan B Brown. You decide!

Setlist (probable)
Leroy Lemonade
Hey, Mr. Brown
Fair Weather Friend
Something Good
Hump 'em n' Dump 'em
My Name is Jonas
BMX Bandits
A Little Respect
Whole Amoeba
Teenage Dirtbag