Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Bluefields / Mick Ralphs Blues Band - Friday 12th April - Borderline

The Bluefields are yet another band of blog favourite Dan Baird. Having not purchased with or the band's CDs (until tonight), I wasn't disappointed with the blend of country / southern rock that wouldn't have been out of place with most of Dan's other projects. What was bizarre was to see him on bass though.

The evening had started with the excellent Mick Ralphs and his Blues band, making this an exceptional value ticket. Mick even through in a pair of Bad Company Songs which was certainly appreciated by many of us.

One interesting touch from the headliners was the encore of 4 covers - each chosen by a member of the band. All good fun and a bonus Ling point too. The band very kindly stopped for a chat after the show and signed my 2 new purchases.

Setlist *
If Not Now When
Don't Blame Me
Don't Let Me Fall
Bad Old Days
What You Won't Do
Lay It On The Line
Flat Out Gone
Nobody Loves You
Sweet Medusa
She's So Sick/100 Watt Girl
Suicide Doors
Wake It Up
Repair My Soul

Sin City
California Man
Jesus Just Left Chicago
I Fought The Law

*Setlist not 100% confirmed, but this isn't far off!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Glitter Band / Paper Lace - Thursday 11th April - Croydon Fairfield Halls

Yep, I know. Not 2 bands you'd expect to feature on this blog. But, showing my age, these are 2 bands I listened to whilst growing up in the 70's. And a local trip to Croydon was an opportunity not to be turned down, although by the sparse audience, not many others shared that view!

Paper Lace did not disappoint with a greatest hits set including the brilliant "Billy Don't Be A Hero". Of more surprise was a really good version of Quo's "Whatever You Want" and the Eagles "Heartache Tonight".

The Glitter band also wisely stuck to their hits, both those recorded under their own name and those with the now disgraced Gary Glitter. As you can imagine this let to a bit of a sing-a-long and a feel good evening. So, if they come around again, park your street-cred at the door and go and have some fun.