Wednesday, August 09, 2006


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No gigs planned for ages. Next due is "Rhino's Revenge" in the middle of October - must try and get something else sorted!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Jimmy Barnes - Carling Academy - Monday 7th August

Many moons ago I went into the Sydney branch of HMV and bought a selection of Jimmy Barnes CDs. When I went to pay, I got a smile from the cashier who asked if I "was off home for a bit of shouting?". Mr Barnes has that reputation as a bit of a gravel voiced belter. He can't be all bad though. It is estimated that 40% of all Australians own a Jimmy Barnes record and he had 7 consecutive number one albums there.

Anyway, this gig was at the Carling Academy, Islington (ex Marquee number 3) and - unsuprisingly - had been turned into a mini Oz convention. What I was more suprised at, was the level of drunkeness - for a Monday night! Many were struggling to stand at the start of the show and soon the Carling Academy had run out of - yes, you guessed it, Carling! Anyway, how can 95% of the Aussies be absolutely slaughtered, leap about all over the place with drinks in hand and never spill a drop?

So, the gig. Well, basically it was excellent. Loud, in tune, great atmosphere and some really good rock songs (and a few covers). 2 Special Guests (Roachford & Mica Paris) added to the evening as did the spectacle of the 2 punch ups on the floor (both caused purely by drunks). Really impressed by the bouncers - they got the right guys and quickly. One was so drunk, he was still trying to attack the 6ft 8" man mountain that was "escorting" him away - very foolish. My favourites were "Working Class Man", "No Second Prize" and the cover of "Sweet Little Rock 'n' Roller".

All in all, a £17.50 bargain - shame I can't go to the 2nd night tonight!