Monday, June 29, 2009

Bryan Bros Band - Saturday 27th June, Hand in Hand, Wimbledon

The Bryan brothers are the top Men's double pairing in World tennis. Taking a break from the Wimbledon championships, they played (with their band) at the small "Hand in Hand" pub on Wimbledon Common.

A pleasant evening - a bit hazy after an all day jaunt at the Twenty20 cricket (Surrey v Middlesex at the Oval). From what I can remember, another Tennis star - Mardy Fish - turned up on vocals for some of the show and the band played a competent mix of mainly cover versions. Unexpectedly bumped into some people I know and there also seemed to be lots of attractive girls around to ogle!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Britney Spears - Saturday 13th June - O2 Arena

Britney Spears - surely that doesn't fit in with the normal gig profile on here does it? Well, no - but this was a treat for Mrs B. So what was it like? Well, to be fair, it was pretty good as a "show". Like many, I'm not convinced by how much of the vocals were actually "live", but as a spectacle it was an impressive bit of theatre.

Support was from "Ciara" - which may or may not be another "chart act" to add to my list of acts seen.

I didn't know too many of the songs, but it didn't really matter as most were catchy and well received by a mainly young and female audience.

Set list (from WikiPedia)
Act 1: The Circus
Welcome to the Circus (Video Introduction)
"Piece of Me"
Thunderstorm (Performance Interlude)
Act 2: House of Fun (Anything Goes)
Martial Arts Segue (Performance Interlude) (features LAZRtag Remix of "Gimme More")
"Ooh Ooh Baby"
"Hot as Ice"
"Boys" (The Co-Ed Remix)
Boot Camp Segue
"If U Seek Amy"
"Me Against The Music" (Bollywood Remix)
Act 3: Freakshow/Peepshow
Everybody's Looking for Something (Video Interlude) (features "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)")
"Get Naked (I Got A Plan)"
"Mannequin" (Added July 5, 2009)
Britney's Hotline (Performance Interlude) (contains elements of "Breathe on Me", "Boys" and "I'm a Slave 4 U")
"Breathe on Me"
"Touch of My Hand"
Act 4: Electro Circ
Band Jam Segue (Performance Interlude)
"Do Somethin'"
"I'm A Slave 4 U" (Remix)
Heartbeat (Dance Interlude) (featuring "Lollipop", "American Boy", "Don't Stop the Music", "Closer" and other songs)
"...Baby One More Time" (Remix)
"Break The Ice" (Video Interlude) (contains elements of "Gimme More" and "I'm A Slave 4 U")
"Womanizer" (Extended Remix)