Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Luke Morley - Wednesday 31st January - O2 Academy, Islington

Brief review:
 Luke Morley from Thunder promoting his new album - Songs From The Blue Room - which is rather good. The band includes Chris Childs (also Thunder), Dean Howard (T'Pau and many others) and the brilliant Sam Tanner on keys. Excellent evening with a number of other muso friends spotted in the crowd.

Venue and View:  Front Left, standing


I Wanna See the Light
Killed by Cobain
This World
Errol Flynn
Quiet Life
The First Day
I'm the One You Want
Nobody Cares
Lying to Myself
Watch the Sun Go Down
A Better Man
Go With the Flow

Thursday, January 11, 2024

Paul Jones and Friends - Wednesday 10th January - G-Live, Guildford

Brief review:
 Paul Jones and Friends in Guildford in aid of a prostate cancer charity. The Friends are often quite famous in this annual event. The first half included Mike D'Abo - probably most well known for "Handbags & Gladrags" (Rod hit and theme from "The Office"). Robben Ford was the other first half guest with some neat blues guitar. It does transpire that Mr Jones can indeed play the harmonica. Very well!

There is a "no photo" rule. Without being rude, most of the audience would struggle to get the photo app on their phones. We're in the youngest 2-3% of the crowd, although the claret sales were doing well at the bar in the interval.

Part two bought some pleasant music and some wildly out of time clapping from those seated near us, but alas no mega-stars. It turns out I have seen Jimmy Helms before - in Londonbeat supporting Bryan Ferry at Wembley Arena in 1991! Andy Fairweather‐Low was good, but I feel slightly guilty in saying the evening was underwhelming. It was an expensive ticket, so it's probably just as well it's going to a good cause.

Venue and View:  Seated, front right


Leave No Trace (With Jawbone)
Build Me Up Buttercup (With Mike D’abo)
Just Like A Woman (With Mike D’abo)
Hand Bags And Gladrags (With Mike D’abo)
If Youve Gotta Go ,Go Now (With Mike D’abo)
What I Haven't Done (With Robben Ford)
White Rock Beer ....8 Cents (With Robben Ford)
Blues For Lonnie Johnson (With Robben Ford)
Fair Child (With Robben Ford)
Warm Up That Cup (With Jawbone)
Lover Man (With Elaine Delmar)
Summertime (With Elaine Delmar)
Stairway To Paradise (With Elaine Delmar)
Gonna Make You An Offer (You Can't Refuse) (With Jimmy Helms)
I've Been Thinking About You (With Jimmy Helms)
Higher Ground (With Jimmy Helms)
(If Paradise Is) Half As Nice (With Andy Fairweather‐Low)
Wide Eyes And Legless (With Andy Fairweather‐Low)
When They Ring Those Golden Bells (With Andy Fairweather‐Low)
If Youve Gotta Go ,Go Now (Reprise)

Friday, December 22, 2023

Sweet - Thursday 21st December - Islington Assembly Rooms

Brief review:
 Having almost missed out on a ticket by leaving purchase late (an official resale saved the day), it was off to Islington for the show. Sari Schorr was opening the show and I'd been meaning to catch her for a while and was not disappointed with her soulful bluesy vocals filling the rooms. Backed by the excellent Jim Kirkpatrick on guitar, the strong material played (as well as the excellent Status Quo cover) persuaded me to buy a CD afterwards which Sari was kind enough to sign.

Headliners Sweet were on their normal excellent form, the show only slightly distracted from by some middle aged blokes who were totally hammered trying to mosh/chat/chant/chat-up/stand up (delete as appropriate) throughout the show, I moved just before the encore as they were falling into people around them.

The set was basically hits and seemed to be enjoyed by all present. Best wishes to founding member Andy Scott who has a serious illness & here's hoping that he stays healthy enough to enable more shows in the future.

Venue and View:  Back left for Sari Schorr, front left for most of Sweet then right at the back for the encore.

Setlist (Sari Schorr)

Back to L.A.
King of Rock and Roll
Where Have You Been My Friend
Turn the Radio On
Damn the Reason
Down Down 

Setlist (Sweet)
New York Groove / Empire State Of Mind
Hell Raiser
Burn on the Flame
The Six Teens
Don't Bring Me Water
Co-Co / Funny Funny / Poppa Joe
Set Me Free
Teenage Rampage
Wig-Wam Bam / Little Willy
Love Is Like Oxygen
Fox on the Run
The Ballroom Blitz (with Sari Schorr on backing vocals)

Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Kasier Chiefs - Tuesday 12th December - St Luke's Church, Chelsea

Brief review:
 The annual Nordoff and Robbins Christmas Carol concert this year featured Yorkshire favourites Kaiser Chiefs, Beverley Knight, Ayanna Witter-Johnson, Joe Stilgoe, Carrie and David Grant plus readings from Ronni Ancona.

The well attended event in Chelsea was hosted by the Beverley Knight and the ever jovial Joe Stilgo who also performed some songs. The featured acts included Ayanna Witter-Johnson who did a cello led rendition of the Police's Roxanne and a piano based Paul McCartney cover which to be honest I did not recognise until the words "Simply having a wonderful Christmas time" were sung, so different from the original was the arrangement.

Headliners Kaiser Chiefs were on good form in their brief set with engaging frontman Ricky Wilson utilising the full length of the Church during "I Predict A Riot". Mince pies and mulled wine followed and a good time was had by all for an excellent cause.

Venue and View:  Premium pew seats! About 5 rows back on the floor of the church

Setlist (Ayanna Witter-Johnson)
Wonderful Christmas Time

Setlist (Kaiser Chiefs)
Love's Not a Competition (But I'm Winning)
I Predict a Riot
Coming Home

Sunday, December 10, 2023

Slade - Friday 9th December - Royal Holloway College Student Union

Brief review:  Dave Hill's Slade in a Student Union. A decent crowd of middle-aged folks and a more than expected number of students were treated to a fun-filled evening of Slade hits. It was good to see so many of the youngsters knowing the words.

By chance, I bumped into a hatless Mr Hill whilst dropping off a back at the cloakroom and said a brief hello. I then saw him again when picking them up - he must think I am stalking him!

Venue and View:  Front left on the floor.

Take Me Bak 'Ome
Lock Up Your Daughters
Look Wot You Dun
Coz I Luv You
Run Runaway
My Friend Stan
Far Far Away
The Bangin' Man
My Baby Left Me / That's Alright Mama
Gudbuy T'Jane
Mama Weer All Crazee Now
My Oh My
Cum On Feel the Noize
Merry Xmas Everybody

Saturday, December 02, 2023

Vital Idol - Friday 1st December - Cavern, Raynes Park

Brief review:  It's a nice day... to staaaaaarrrrttt agaaain... 

To be fair, we haven't got to that one yet, but the singer does sound very much like Billy Idol. Which is just as well as we are here for a Billy Idol tribute called Vital Idol. Will they dare to cover his Christmas album?

Verdict - Very good. All the hits and a good tribute.

Venue and View:  This picture, front left, but mainly stood in the back left corner near the bar.

Thursday, November 30, 2023

Scouting For Girls - Wednesday 29th November - G-Live, Guildford

Brief review:  Following Feastyfest, this is our 2nd Scouting For Girls show of the year. With the tour extended until late 2024 in support of their new album, there should be a couple of new songs in amongst the hits. Standing for this one - it's pretty busy and lively. A cover of Baby It's Cold Outside wouldn't be amiss in the circumstances!

As it turns out the band are on top form and the new songs are decent too. Jamie O'Gorman, the regular guitarist, is back in the fold for this leg of the tour.

Venue and View:  Far right hand side, near the front door.

The Missing Part
This Ain't a Love Song
Love How It Hurts
The Place We Used to Meet
I Wish I Was James Bond
I'm Not Over You / It's Not About You
The Luckiest Boy in the World
Posh Girls
Song I Can't Forget
Elvis Ain't Dead / Can't Help Falling in Love
Michaela Strachan
She's So Lovely

Thursday, November 23, 2023

Robert Hart's Bad Company Experience - Wednesday 22nd November - Half Moon, Putney

Brief review:
 One of London's classic rock venues for a classic rock band (caveat - mk 3 of the band with 2 members from that era). Bad Company with Robert Hart and Dave "Bucket" Colwell, effectively covering for Paul Rodgers and Mick Ralphs - both are called out in positive ways. Sold out, loud and excellent. They are back next year, as shall we. Some would say that we Can't Get Enough.

Venue and View:  Left hand side, standing.

Sunday, November 19, 2023

Conterfeit Quo - Sunday 18th November - Cheam Social Club

Brief review:
 Status Quo tribute (Counterfeit Quo) at CSC. We saw them in Banstead a while back - glad to report that it is busier this evening. A nice stack of Marshall amps as the backline - I wonder if they’d mind me borrowing one. Interestingly, the "Francis" we saw last time seems to have switched to bass.

Venue and View:  Table - central, towards the back.

Saturday, November 18, 2023

The Cream of Hendrix - Friday 17th November - Hampton Hub

Brief review:  Something of a 3rd choice this evening. Tickets were booked for Johnny Warman’s Who show in Sutton. Cancelled at late notice. Alternative lined up with The Steve Whalley Band at the Sound Lounge - also in Sutton. Cancelled. 

So, it’s off to a new venue for me - the Hampton Hub Club  (in errr… Hampton) for “The Cream of Hendrix” tribute. Set 1 is all Cream. Set 2, Jimi Hendrix. And guess what? It is excellent so far - much better than any later choice should be classified. Nice venue too.

Venue and View:  Front right, at the side on bench seating.