Monday, December 10, 2018

Dan Baird & Homemade Sin - Sunday 9th December - Bush Hall, Shepherd's Bush

The now regular December show for Mr Baird and band. Setlist a bit mixed up and, apart from a far too long Crooked Smile, excellent as always. Joe Blanton provided a decent warmup (backed by Homemade Sin) and popped up throughout the main set too.

Two For Tuesday
You Broke It
Golden Light 
Dixie Beauxderaunt 
Up In Your Kitchen
Open All Night 
All Over But the Cryin' 
Dan Takes Five 
Runnin' Outta Time
Mister & Ma'am
Crooked Smile
Something Like Love
Shake It Til It's Sore
Another Chance 
Younger Face 
Keep Your Hands to Yourself 
Julie + Lucky 
I Love You Period 
Damn Thing To Be Done
Going Down the Road Feelin' Bad 

Friday, December 07, 2018

Def Leppard / Cheap Trick - Thursday 6th December - O2 Arena

A decent double bill at the O2. Cheap Trick were as fun as I remembered. Surely no other band chucks out as many plectrums to their audience! I really enjoyed the cover of The Move's California Man.

Def Leppard were pretty solid. Whilst the Hysteria album - showcased here in it's entirety - is largely excellent, there are 3 or 4 dud tracks that don't really warrant a play, so there was a slight feeling of "it was good, but could have been even better". But let's also say the thing that has to be said. "Phil Collen. Enough is enough. You are 2 days short of your 61st birthday. Put your shirt on - no one comes to Def Leppard to see your bare torso!"

Setlist - Cheap Trick
Hello There
Big Eyes
California Man 
If You Want My Love
The Flame
I Want You to Want Me
Dream Police
Never Had a Lot to Lose
Goodnight Now

Setlist - Def Leppard
Love Bites
Pour Some Sugar on Me
Armageddon It
Gods of War
Don't Shoot Shotgun
Run Riot
Hysteria (with "Heroes" snippet)
Love and Affection
When Love and Hate Collide
Let's Get Rocked
Rock of Ages

Sunday, December 02, 2018

SAS Band - Saturday 1st December - G Live, Guildford

24 years of the SAS band and another popular show at Guildford. Regulars Toyah, Patti Russo, Chris Thompson and Tony Vincent are joined by Justin Hawkins from The Darkness to add a touch more sparkle and unpredictability to Spike's All Stars.

Rosanna (Jamie Moses)
Davy's on the Road Again (Chris Thompson)
Blinded by the Light (Chris Thompson)
Unchain My Heat  (Patti Russo)
Don't Stop Me Now (Patti Russo)
Radar Love (Patti Russo) 
Let Me Entertain You (Tony Vincent)
Creep (Tony Vincent)
Girls On Film (Tony Vincent)
Suffragette City (Toyah Willcox)
It's a Mystery (Toyah Willcox)
Thing Called Love (Justin Hawkins)
Woman in Love (Justin Hawkins)
Sweet Child O' Mine (Toyah & Justin Hawkins)
Show Me Heaven (Justin Hawkins)
I Want It All (Justin Hawkins)
Quinn the Eskimo (The Mighty Quinn) (Chris Thompson)
You're The Voice  (Chris Thompson)
29 Riff Overture
Fairytale of New York 
Christmas Time (Don't Let the Bells End) (Justin Hawkins)
Happy Xmas (War Is Over) (all-star finale)
I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day (all-star finale)

Friday, November 30, 2018

Queens of Rock - Friday 30th November - Boom Boom Club, Sutton

A nice Friday evening in Sutton for some classic rock covers. Support band, the "Guitar Godz" work their way through some Hendrix, Clapton, Moore, Fleetwood Mac and a little too much Toto before become the instrumentalists for the ladies. The "Queens" add lots of Pat Benatar, Joan Jett, Cher, Bonnie Tyler etc for a good fun evening.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Blackberry Smoke - Friday 16th November - Shepherds Bush Empire

It's always nice when a hunch pays off. And that was the case here with another band I have never seen before (and didn't own any music of before booking) turns out good. I knew by the genre of music I should like them, but it is always a gamble. As their tour T Shirt says - "too rock for country, too country for rock". Despite feeling I needed more hair to fit in with the audience, I will be back!

Let Me Help You (Find the Door)
Leave a Scar
Good One Comin' On
Workin' for a Workin' Man
Wish in One Hand
Waiting for the Thunder
Pretty Little Lie
Rock and Roll Again
Believe You Me
Sleeping Dogs / Come Together / Sleeping Dogs
Run Away From It All
The Whippoorwill
Payback's a Bitch
Everybody Knows She's Mine
Ain't Got the Blues
Lord Strike Me Dead
One Horse Town
I'll Keep Ramblin'
Mother Mountain
Sunrise in Texas 
Ain't Much Left of Me

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Keith Moon Tribute - Saturday 10th November - Olympia (London Drum Show)

The drummers take a bow
Normally you would not catch me within miles of a "Drum Show". But tacked onto the end of this one was a tribute to the Who's Keith Moon - billed as "Who's Playing", so that changed everything. With the bonus of a new venue (within the Olympia complex) - a mini theatre on the 2nd floor!

The premise was simple. Each Who cover had a new drummer and a bit of chat about their influences. With all money collected going to the National Deaf Children's Society it turned out to be very pleasant. I must admit I had to google a number of the performers and the singer, Steve Hunt, was obviously struggling quite badly with a cold. But all in all a decent effort from all involved.

Setlist (Song / Drummer)
The Real Me - Chris ?
The Seeker - ?
Can’t Explain - Jamie ?
Substitute - Pick Withers
My Generation - Danny Farret
Pinball Wizard - Pete Cater
Love Reign O'er Me - Chris Mansbridge
Who Are You - Jonathan Rodney
Baba O'Reilly - JR Robinson
Won’t Fooled Again - Gabor Dornyei

Steve Hunt - Vocals
Steve Smith  - Guitar
Dave Clark - Bass
Rob K - Keyboards

(corrections to performers much appreciated!)

And adding a link to Steve's band:-

Saturday, November 03, 2018

John Coghlan's Quo - Friday 2nd November - Borderline

Not much to say really that I haven't written before about JC. Legendary member of the "Frantic Four" classic Status Quo lineup plays Quo songs as you'd expect them to be heard.

As you'd expect playing to a hardcore Quo fanbase, this was good as expected. Also a quick word on the newly refurbished Borderline - they have done a good job!


Saturday, October 27, 2018

Snakecharmer - Friday 26th October - ULU, London

So what to make of Snakecharmer? Having started off as a Whitesnake inspired tribute and moved to create an excellent debut album of their own, they seem to have lost their way slightly. Micky Moody has left and whilst those excellent musicians who are left can perform impeccably, the spark seems to have gone somewhat.

That was summed up by the fact that up until the day of the show, I wasn't 100% sure about making the trek up to the ULU - not really London's greatest venue with it's overpriced bottle-only bar, limited toilet facilities and no-balcony access policy.

I decided to go. Sadly, very few others made the same choice and I was stunned at how sparse the venue was - everyone could have popped back to mine afterwards! And that was a shame - and all credit to the band that they still performed a decent set.

There was competition for the audience from Robert Plant / Van Morrison across town, but surely not such an overlapping fan base for that to be the reason for such lack of interest. So, there must be some serious questions to be asked. How do a band as talented as this get themselves back on track?

Laurie's Setlist

Friday, October 26, 2018

John Fogerty / Steve Miller - Thursday 25th October - O2 Arena

A nice double header at the O2. Original seat prices had been well over £100 (outrageous), but we sensibly bided our time and waited for the inevitable 2-1 offer which duly arrived a couple of weeks before showtime with half-decent seats at the side.

I've never seen Steve Miller before, but like enough of his hits to know that I should enjoy his set and indeed I did.

It will come as no surprise to seasoned blog observers that Mr Fogerty is a favourite and looking at the CCR-heavy setlist, you'll see that he delivered just what the doctor ordered. The only criticism is that it all felt a little rushed and the addition of Tyler Fogerty on vocals for 2 numbers did little to add to the occasion. Another son was in the band on guitar.

But all in all, for half price, a very good evening.

Setlist (Steve Miller)
The Stake
Mercury Blues 
All Your Love (I Miss Loving) 
Space Cowboy
Kow Kow
Take the Money and Run
I Want to Make the World Turn Around
Wild Mountain Honey
Dance, Dance, Dance
Serenade From the Stars
Space Intro
Fly Like an Eagle
Rock'n Me
The Joker
Jungle Love
Jet Airliner 

Setlist (John Fogerty)
Travelin' Band 
Green River 
Hey Tonight 
Up Around the Bend 
Who'll Stop the Rain 
Lookin' Out My Back Door 
Rock and Roll Girls
Good Golly Miss Molly (with Tyler Fogerty)
Psycho (with Tyler Fogerty)
Long as I Can See the Light
Mystic Highway
Born on the Bayou
My Toot Toot
Jambalaya (On the Bayou) 
New Orleans / "When the Saints Go Marching In" 
Have You Ever Seen the Rain? 
Rockin' All Over the World
Down on the Corner 
The Old Man Down the Road
Keep On Chooglin' 
Fortunate Son 
Bad Moon Rising 
Proud Mary 

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Warner E Hodges - Tuesday 23rd October - Boom Boom Club, Sutton

Warner E Hodges (centre) and his band
Normally when we see Warner it's as part of the excellent Homemade Sin band with Dan Baird, so it was a treat to see him solo at the local Boom Boom Club.

Warner's passion for music (and especially AC/DC) shone through and he was engaging throughout. The music was great too, wth some solo stuff, tunes from his "other band" - Jason and the Scorchers and a smattering of covers including AC/DC, Beatles, John Denver & CCR.

A really nice evening - come back soon please Warner. "Take Me Home... Country Roads..."

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Roger Daltrey - Thursday 19th October - South Bank Centre

An short-ish evening with Roger Daltrey at the South Bank where he is talking about his Autobiography (out today) called "Thanks A Lot Mr Kibblewhite".

As you can see from the blurred picture, we were miles back in the affordable seats, but as we were lucky enough to have front row last time we saw him perform, this wasn't really an issue for an event of this format.

Some interesting stories, a brief Q&A but unfortunately no music - which was not really a surprise. The bonus was that our copies of the book (included in the ticket price) were signed. A nice touch.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Joanne Shaw Taylor - Tuesday 16th October - Nells Jazz and Blues Club, Kensington

Having originally left the ticket purchase too long (and seeing the show sell out) it was with some relief that a few extra tickets became available two days before the show. Joanne is still touring her excellent "Wild" album and this intimate performance in a really nice venue was top notch.

One of the benefits of London shows is that you often get a bonus song or 2 compared to the rest of the tour and this was true here.

I can't help but think that sooner or later Joanne is going to make that leap from "star" to "superstar" status. Maybe just needs an appropriate big name support slot for people to sit up and take notice. In the meantime, I'm happy to admire her fantastic musicianship from close quarters and look forward to the new album in 2019.

Dyin' To Know
Nothing To Lose
No Reason To Stay
Jump That Train
Tried, Tested & True
Diamonds In The Dirt
Time Has Come
Just Another Word
Wanna Be My Lover
In The Mood 
Going Home

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Halestorm - Friday 28th September - Brixton Academy

A sold our Brixton Academy for Halestorm - a band I'd seen once before and enjoyed at a metal awards show a few years back. I only recognised one song, but enjoyed the evening. It's not often I go to see a band where "official tour tattoos" are available. And no, I wasn't tempted!

Love Bites (So Do I)
I Am the Fire
Do Not Disturb
Mz. Hyde
Drum Solo (Included Why Don't You Get A Job?)
Freak Like Me
Takes My Life
Black Vultures
Killing Ourselves to Live
The Silence
I Miss the Misery
Here's to Us

Saturday, September 08, 2018

Mark Stanway - Friday 7th September - Fairkytes Live, Hornchurch

A new venue and an interesting format. Ex-Magnum keyboard maestro and all round nice bloke, Mark Stanway with "an evening with..." type event with a radio DJ prompting the questions and script. Lots of chat and stories with a few videos thrown in. There was also a Q&A and raffle(!), but the highlight was definitely a few snippets of highlights from his career so far played on the keyboard setup. And a couple of Magnum numbers with wife Mo on vocals. The hall itself was tiny - and with only 50-60 filling the seats it was the true definition of an "intimate venue".

Like his entertaining first book, it's fair to say this wasn't a highly polished affair, but that actually added to the charm.  A couple of exceptionally drunk characters at the front threatened to dominate the evening (until told to shut up by others). By the end, one was almost unconscious in his seat and was seen throwing up outside the venue later. What is the point!? But that thankfully didn't detract from Mark. He obviously has a treasured collection of audio tapes and recordings from his career with Magnum, Phil Lynott's Grand Slam, Robert Plant and Whitesnake M3 - let's hope some see the light of day officially sometime.

He was also kind enough to meet and greet afterwards, pose for photos and sign momentos. Looking forward to a full music show with his new band "Kingdom of Madness" next year.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Jeff Beck, Paul Rodgers & Ann Wilson - Saturday 25th August - Coral Sky Amphitheatre, West Palm Beach, FL

Still in the states, a solo trip to see 3 musical icons. In fact I've previously paid to see all 4 of the acts on the bill, so I was confident it would be good and indeed it was. A strange amphitheatre, my expensive front block seats were under cover, with a cheap grass semi-circle at the rear providing good value.

Ann Wilson's powerful vocals were put to good use during a tribute to "many artists we've lost recently", although a couple of the songs were very much "interpretations" of the originals - not note for note covers. I particularly enjoyed the 2 Who songs, fairly predictably.

Paul Rodgers was excellent. His voice never ceases to impress and a good set of "greatest hits" was supported by a fabulous band ("borrowed" from Deborah Bonham). Deborah and Ann joined in for "Rock And Roll Fantasy". What was really interesting was that the American audience were very enthusiastic about the "Band Company" songs, but hardly seemed to know the "Free" stuff.

Jeff Beck was top of the bill. His playing was as fantastic as always, although I did not know much of the material at all. Compared to previous occasions when I have seen him, there was not much overlap!

Again, I avoided the beer - $17 a go!! But it was so hot, I had to buy a couple of £5 waters. I sneaked away during the encore to ensure I could escape the car-park madness. At least the parking was free!


Jeff Beck
Pull It
You Know You Know 
Morning Dew (with Jimmy Hall)
I Have to Laugh (with Jimmy Hall)
Lonnie on the Move (with Jimmy Hall)
Mná na h-Éireann 
Just For Fun
Little Wing (with Jimmy Hall)
Big Block
Cause We've Ended As Lovers
Brush With the Blues
Superstition (with Jimmy Hall)
A Day in the Life
Corpus Christi Carol
Going Down (with Jimmy Hall)

Paul Rodgers
Little Bit of Love
Can't Get Enough
Wishing Well
Feel Like Makin' Love
The Stealer
Ready for Love
Movin' On
Mr. Big
Fire and Water
Shooting Star
Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy (with Ann Wilson and Deborah Bonham)
All Right Now

Ann Wilson
The Real Me
Ain't No Way
I Am the Highway
Back to Black
You Don't Own Me
Life in the Fast Lane
Won't Get Fooled Again

Deborah Bonham
Hold On
The Old Hyde
No Angel

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Taylor Swift - Tuesday 14th August - Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, FL

We took a family trip to see Ms Swift in Tampa as - by co-incidence - we were due in town at the same time as her (which caused great excitement a few months back when the tour dates were announced). Whilst I'm not too fussed about her current album - heavily featured here - there is no denying the quality of her performance and the theatrics involved. Even though it's not really my style of music, support from Camila Cabello was good too - with Camila choosing to wear the American Football shirt of the home team (Tampa Buccaneers) which was a nice touch.

We had a decent, uninterrupted view - albeit from towards the back. Only downside was the parking cost - $40 for "standard" parking! And I turned down the option of a $14 beer!

Also, it appears Tampa is a hotbed of Manchester United fans with my shirt for the evening attracting lots of positive comments.


Taylor Swift
...Ready for It?
I Did Something Bad
Style / Love Story / You Belong With Me
Look What You Made Me Do 
End Game 
King of My Heart
Shake It Off (with Charli XCX and Camila Cabello)
Dancing With Our Hands Tied (Acoustic)
Invisible (Acoustic)
Blank Space
Bad Blood / Should've Said No
Don't Blame Me
Long Live / New Year's Day
Getaway Car
Call It What You Want
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together / This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

Camila Cabello
Never Be the Same
She Loves Control
Inside Out 
Bad Things 
Can't Help Falling in Love
In the Dark
Into It / Kiss

Charli XCX
Boom Clap
I Love It 
Break the Rules
Unlock It
5 in the Morning

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Sweet - Saturday 21st July - Master Park, Oxted Beer Festival

With their normal frontman otherwise engaged, duties were shared between bassist Tony O'Hora and guest "Cats In Space" vocalist Paul Manzi. The excellent Andy Scott on guitar and drummer Bruce Bisland completed the lineup, although another "Cat" - Greg Hart - joined in for "Fox on the Run".

I really enjoyed the show - one of the most fun this year. The beer festival was well organised too - without massive queues - and we were even able to watch a bit of cricket outside.

Afterwards we were made welcome at the members-only social club and played darts of varying standard! The journey home was entertaining with a lady we met on the platform with a wine glass keeping us company back to Croydon.

New York Groove
Teenage Rampage
The Six Teens
Hell Raiser
Wig-Wam Bam / Little Willy
Love Is Like Oxygen
Fox on the Run
Ballroom Blitz

Sunday, July 08, 2018

Scouting For Girls - Saturday 7th July - Haslemere Fringe Festival

First ever visit to the Haslemere Fringe Festival and we made it a family trip. After the bonus of a bit of Bobby Davro in the comedy tent, we were there to see headliners "Scouting For Girls". A decent festival set went down well with the locals with lots of references to England's unexpectedly decent World Cup run. The now frequent covers of  "Live and Let Die " & "Livin' On A Prayer" were highlights alongside their familiar hits.

Thursday, July 05, 2018

Queen & Adam Lambert - Wednesday 4th July - O2 Arena

Having seen all the other incarnations of Queen, I had been slightly put of by the high price for this one. Some birthday money helped out (thanks to my parents!) and I'm really glad I took the gamble. Adam Lambert was excellent and the set covered the essentials (but noticeably not the much promised "rarities" and celebration of 40 years since the "News of the World" release)!

Tear It Up
Seven Seas of Rhye
Tie Your Mother Down
Play the Game
Fat Bottomed Girls
Killer Queen
Don't Stop Me Now
Bicycle Race
I'm in Love With My Car
Another One Bites the Dust
I Want It All
Love of My Life (Brian May solo acoustic, with live clip of Freddie Mercury)
Somebody to Love
Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Drum Battle
Under Pressure
I Want to Break Free
Who Wants to Live Forever
Last Horizon / Guitar Solo
The Show Must Go On
Radio Ga Ga
Bohemian Rhapsody
We Will Rock You
We Are the Champions

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Jackie Lynton - Saturday 30th June - Scratchers, Farncombe

Hadn't seen Jackie for a while, so took took the train out to the country for a free pub show. Standard affair of rock, blues and Quo references, although Jack was feeling the heat a bit and was struggling to breath on occasions, meaning a shorter than normal set. Good to see "Tulsa Time" remains a staple on the set!

Seriously hot in the pub (who don't open the doors when there is live music on!), but well worth the notes put into the collection bucket at the end and the gamble of the last train home.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Billy Idol - Saturday 23rd June - Brixton Academy

Mr William Broad must be a creature of habit. If he plays a headline show in London, you know it is going to be at Brixton! Not my favourite venue, but far from the worst (as long as you are downstairs), so we saunter off to the Academy for an evening of punk and pop. It's sold out, so we don't leave it too late before going in - with a stop to collect the tickets on the door (despite paying for delivery!)

The venue is pretty full and the show good - with a fairly predictable set. No complaints here though - enjoyable as always.

Shock to the System
Dancing With Myself
Pumping on Steel
Can't Break Me Down
Cradle of Love
Prodigal Blues
Eyes Without a Face
Guitar Solo
Don't Need a Gun
King Rocker
Blue Highway
Instrumental Jam
Rebel Yell
White Wedding
Mony Mony

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Billy Joel - Saturday 16th June - Old Trafford, Manchester

Billy Joel's only UK show for 2018 is at the home of Manchester United, Old Trafford. Heavy security, triple bag scans and long queues to get in didn't deter a sell out crowd from largely being in place for the start of the 2.5 hour show (although reports of viewing difficulties from the side of stage did materialise later).

We had no such issues being face on - albeit miles away from the stage. The volume was surprisingly loud and Billy seemed to be enjoying himself. Personally, I enjoyed the various snippets of songs paying homage to British Rock bands through the years, but I would expect some fans who maybe hadn't seen him so often would rue the omission of songs such as "Only The Good Die Young" due to time constraints. "Big Shot" was also on the original scheduled setlist, but is no loss in my book!

The Battle Hymn of the Republic (interpreted in these parts as "Glory Glory Man United") was a cheeky introduction and Billy's humour was evident throughout. He was also armed with a fly-swatter which was twirled like a drumstick throughout the show when one hand was enough on the piano.

"Half a Mile Away" got a European debut and the crowd seemed to enjoy the "fielder's choice" option of choosing the set on 3 songs. "Just The Way You Are", "An Innocent Man" and "And So It Goes" missed out on selection.

A quick mention must be made of Tommy Burns, who's guitar playing was fabulous and seemed to enhance the rockier elements of the set.

Overall, a really good evening - made even better by the fact that the hotel was a 2 minute walk away!

My Life (With ‘Glory Glory Man United’ snippet)
The Entertainer
Your Song (snippet)
Vienna (Preceded by 'Rule Britannia')
The Longest Time (Preceded by 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight' snippet)
Half a Mile Away
New York State of Mind
Movin' Out (Anthony's Song) (Followed by snippet of 'Layla' instrumental)
Don't Ask Me Why
Sunshine of Your Love (snippet)
Ruby Tuesday (snippet)
Honky Tonk Women (snippet)
The House of the Rising Sun (snippet)
A Salty Dog (snippet)
Good Times Bad Times (snippet)
Glad All Over (snippet)
The Downeaster Alexa
Fire (snippet)
Sometimes a Fantasy
Bohemian Rhapsody (snippet)
Sultans of Swing (snippet)
She's Always a Woman
The River of Dreams / A Hard Day's Night
A Day in the Life
Nessun Dorma 
Scenes from an Italian Restaurant
Piano Man
We Didn't Start the Fire
Uptown Girl
It's Still Rock and Roll to Me
You May Be Right (with Rock And Roll snippet)

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Bryan Adams - Thursday 31st May - 02 Arena

Night 2 and we have shifted to East London and a view from the side. A much more elderly crowd on this side of the arena meant we stayed seated for 80% of the show. Show was good - only real change was the live debut of a song from Bryan's "Pretty Woman" Broadway musical (with singer Samantha Barks), but sitting at the side feels like you are observing the show as opposed to being part of it, which was how last night felt.

Still, it was easy to enjoy the skills of all the musicians - especially guitarist Keith Scott who excels with this type of material.

Only downsides again were venue related - painfully slow to get in via the (entirely valid) extended security checks and general incompetence of bar staff.

Ultimate Love
Can't Stop This Thing We Started
Run to You
Go Down Rockin'
This Time
It's Only Love
Please Stay
Cloud #9
You Belong to Me
Summer of '69
Here I Am
When You're Gone
(Everything I Do) I Do It for You
Back to You
Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?
The Only Thing That Looks Good on Me Is You
Cuts Like a Knife
18 til I Die
I'm Ready
Brand New Day
I Could Get Used to This
I Fought the Law 
I Can't Go Back (with Samantha Barks)
Straight From the Heart
All for Love

Bryan Adams - Wednesday 30th May - SSE Wembley Arena

The first of 2 nights of Bryan Adams. A painful journey up to Wembley was followed by a long queue to get in. Luckily the compensation was our great seats - 2nd row central.

No support, meaning a 2 hour plus show from Bryan who was in excellent voice. A decent setlist too including a couple of well chosen covers made for a 9/10 evening. Always good to hear "Whiskey In The Jar" - whoever the artist!

Looking forward to tomorrow at the O2!

Ultimate Love
Can't Stop This Thing We Started
Run to You
Go Down Rockin'
This Time
It's Only Love
Please Stay
Cloud #9
You Belong to Me
Summer of '69
Here I Am
When You're Gone
(Everything I Do) I Do It for You
Back to You
Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?
The Only Thing That Looks Good on Me Is You
Cuts Like a Knife
18 til I Die
I'm Ready
Brand New Day
I Could Get Used to This
I Fought the Law 
Whiskey in the Jar 
Straight From the Heart
All for Love

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Cregan & Co - Friday 25th May - Boom Boom Club, Sutton

The excellent Jim Cregan and his band are back in Sutton for a fun packed evening of Rod Stewart classics and a couple of other surprises including a random Beatles cover! Still including Thunder's Harry James on drums and Ben Mills on vocals, a packed house enjoyed a raucous sing-a-long on most numbers!

Baby Jane
Forever Young
Hot Legs
The First Cut Is The Deepest
Tonight’s The Night (It’s Gonna Be Alright)
Wild Side of Life
Downtown Train
Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me)
I Saw Her Standing There
I Was Only Joking
Blondes Have More Fun
I Don’t Want To Talk About It
Young Turks
Maggie May
My Way (snippet)
Twisting The Night Away (partial Harry James vocal)
Sweet Little Rock and Roller

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The Rolling Stones - Tuesday 22nd May - London Stadium

So last night, I was maybe 5 yards from the stage. Today, at least 120 yards - maybe more! Still, I was cajoled into paying over £100 to see the Stones at the vast London Arena (Olympic Stadium). And guess what - it was worth it!

Support came from Liam Gallagher who had the decency to include a decent amount of Oasis material - almost all of it much stronger that his other stuff. Vocals were a bit dodgy to start with, but improved and we took the opportunity to "borrow" some empty seats for his performance and sip an outrageously priced (£6.90 !) pint of beer.

Organisation at the stadium was slightly haphazard. A sensible "no bags" policy led to long queues (after we had got in) and even tubes of mints were being confiscated at the gate. Most of the stewards were unable to identify which seats were reserved and which were not.

This eventually led to us being "evicted" (with load of other people), but we were happy enough to stand on the pitch for the main act. They delivered a fantastic setlist and belied the fact that most of them are in their 70's! I went to see them in 1990 thinking it was probably a "a farewell" show, but this had more energy and quality than I'd have dared to expect.

The predictable "breather" was when Keith Richards sang his 2 songs which most of the audience clearly didn't know or care for. Surely he'd have been better singing another classic Stones song that he co-wrote (even if Jagger sang on the original).

That aside - a great evening!

Setlist - Liam Gallagher
Rock 'n' Roll Star
Morning Glory
Greedy Soul
Wall of Glass
You Better Run
Some Might Say
Cigarettes & Alcohol
Live Forever

Setlist - The Rolling Stones
Street Fighting Man
It's Only Rock 'n' Roll (But I Like It)
Tumbling Dice
Paint It Black
Ride 'Em on Down
Under My Thumb
Fool to Cry
You Can't Always Get What You Want
Honky Tonk Women
Before They Make Me Run
Slipping Away
Sympathy for the Devil
Miss You
Midnight Rambler
Start Me Up
Jumpin' Jack Flash
Brown Sugar
Gimme Shelter
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction

Dan Baird & Homemade Sin - Monday 21st May, Boom Boom Club, Sutton

Some excellent news in that Dan Baird is over his recent health scare which forced him to miss the last tour. I believe this was only his second show back and it was a belter. Decent set, great band as always and fantastic to see Dan looking so healthy.

One very pedantic point - Dan usually does a CCR or John Fogerty cover in "Two For Tuesday"- often "Proud Mary", occasionally something else. To fit the song lyrics, why doesn't he do 2?

Dixie Beauxderaunt 
Knocked Out Cold
Sheila / Do You Wanna Dance
Damn Thing to Be Done
Two for Tuesday / Proud Mary
All Over But the Cryin' 
Dan Takes Five 
Nothing Left to Lose
Crooked Smile
Julie + Lucky 
I Love You Period
Shake It Til It's Sore
Keep Your Hands to Yourself 
Dang Me 
Mon Cheri 
Moving Right Along
Licka Sense
Runnin' Outta Time
Railroad Steel 

Monday, May 14, 2018

Elio Pace & David Brown - Sunday 13th May - Leicester Square Theatre

Regular readers of this blog may recognise the name "Elio Pace" as the singer-songwriter who has been touring the last few years with his "Billy Joel Songbook" show, which I've seen a couple of times and can definitely recommend. Tonight is slightly different as he has persuaded David Brown - a member of Billy's band from the mid eighties to mid nineties to join him. The plan is to celebrate 2 of Billy's albums that David played on in their entirety - Glass Houses and An Innocent Man.

Presented with intros to the songs, anecdotes from both Elio and David plus a brief Q&A with the audience, the fantastic band breathed new life into the classic songs in a two and a half hour show. I remembered being impressed with David's playing at Wembley Arena in the early 90's, but it was a joy to see him play in such an intimate setting. Elio was clearing enjoying himself too and was on top vocal form. If they can arrange for this pairing to work again sometime soon then I will definitely be back.

[Set 1: Glass Houses]
You May Be Right
Sometimes a Fantasy
Don't Ask Me Why
It's Still Rock and Roll to Me
All for Leyna
I Don't Want to Be Alone
Sleeping with the Television On
C'était Toi (You Were the One)
Close to the Borderline

Through the Long Night

[Set 2: An Innocent Man]
Easy Money
An Innocent Man
The Longest Time
This Night
Tell Her About It
Uptown Girl
Careless Talk
Christie Lee
Leave a Tender Moment Alone
Keeping the Faith


Thursday, May 10, 2018

Ilona & Friends - Wednesday 9th May - The Bedford, Balham

Rich and I had caught the end of Ilona's set supporting Bucket & Co a few months ago and she sounded really good. So, the opportunity of a few never before visited pubs around Wandsworth & Balham and a free show was one not to be turned down.

The support band - will need to look up their name! - were very pleasant and a decent crowd applauded warmly.

On that previously mentioned occasion at Raynes Park, Ilona had performed solo - here there was a full band. No surprise that I knew none of the material, but it was all very good with band and vocals excellent. We were lucky enough to be given a free 1 song charity CD afterwards  and the band were all easily accessible if you wanted a chat.

Found myself humming "Money's out the door, love's out the window" the next day.

Good enough that a return visit will definitely be on the cards!

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Wayward Sons - Wednesday 25th April - Islington Academy 2

Toby Jepson - ex front man of the "Little Angels" has a new band and they are playing a sold out show at the Islington Academy 2 (the small 250 standing only venue upstairs). I don't know any of the material, but I like Toby, so it seemed too good to miss.

We were slightly late arriving and the band had just come on, meaning we could barely get through the door. Our "normal spot" (front and left) was out of the question, but with a few friendly smiles, managed to squeeze to the far right of the venue near the emergency exit and a partial view of the stage without blocking anyone else.

The band were very good and it was one of those shows where it didn't matter that I didn't know the new songs. I did enjoy the snippets of Blondie's "Union City Blue" and a very short end part of "Bohemian Rhapsody" too. The Wayward Sons have been getting rave reviews in the music press and so I'm sure they'll be playing bigger venues sometime soon. Predictably, a couple of Little Angels covers went down very well and I'm glad things are looking up for Toby.

Don't Wanna Go
Give it Away
Killing Time
Crush  / Union City Blue (snippet)
Small Talk
Standby Heart
Be Still
Radio Denial
Something Wrong
Kicking Up Dust 
Until the End
Young Gods 
Bohemian Rhapsody (end part only)

Saturday, April 21, 2018

State of Quo - Friday 20th April - Boom Boom Club, Sutton United FC

A choice of 2 local Quo tribute bands this evening. John Coghlan's Quo were at the Hhalf Moon in Putney or "State of Quo" in Sutton. Partly due to an early start on Saturday to go to France, I opted for the most local option without the former Status Quo drummer.

The venue was busier that I expected and the band were decent. The instrumentation was spot on and a varied setlist should have catered for all tastes. As the lead singer stated, they "don't come down south very often", but hopefully they will again soon as I will certainly be returning.

Mad About The Boy
All Stand Up (Never Say Never)
Creepin’ Up On You
Pictures Of Matchstick Men
Two Way Traffic
Forty Five Hundred Times
Whatever You Want
Paper Plane
In My Chair
Softer Ride
Roll Over Lay Down
Big Fat Mama
Junior’s Wailing
Mean Girl
Don’t Waste My Time
Down Down
Rockin’ All Over The World
Bye Bye Johnny

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Rhino's Revenge - Friday 13th April - Half Moon, Putney

The second Rhino's Revenge show of the year and it's quite a different set from their support slot warm up show. It's also much busier in the Half Moon. The band are in playful mood and Freddie Edwards joins the 3 piece "for one night only".

A selection of material across both Rino's Revenge albums is punctuated with the normal array of Quo obscurities. The 2 non-Quo covers (Bob Seger & Steppenwolf) were excellent and somehow I won the bet with Richard on "Born To Be Wild" as a random cover that could be played. Where in my subconcious that had come from, I have no idea!

The evening was also notable for visting a few new places in Putney. Revolution has now taken over the Wetherspoons by the station, the Lost & Co bar had Paulaner on draft in their happy hour and the Boma Bridge had a nice "Tunnel Bar" heading off toward the Thames.

One Note Blues
Belavista Man
Jungle Love
Gravy Train
Two Way Traffic
Mine All Mine
The Stranger One
Busy Doing Nothin'
Bad News
Old Time Rock & Roll
My Name Is Stan
Jam Side Down

Born To Be Wild