Saturday, May 05, 2012

Quireboys - Thursday 3rd May - Borderline, London

A Thursday night at the Borderline - a great venue to see a band like this, but arguably slightly too small as it will invariable be sold out which makes it slightly uncomfortable and a real "mission" to make it to the gents at the back of the venue and back to a spot on the floor.

Guitarist Paul G and Spike were spotted at the Pillars of Hercules pre-show and we were quite surprised to see Spike with no drink in hand.

We got into the venue early to see Irish guitarist Pat McManus - ex Mama Boys - of whom I have a cople of dusty singles. He was pretty good, albeit a little self indulgent at times, but his Gary Moore tribute  Belfast Boy was excellent. Pat would also return later to add fiddle to half a dozen or so songs in the Quirboys set.

The Quireboys were predictably good. Spike pretending he was drinking diet coke (unlikely it would appear), but he did seem reasonably sober, with not too much inappropriate rambling between songs. Despite a couple of old favourites missing, it was good to have a mixed up set and to be honest, whatever they play will go down a storm in a small venue like this. Another good night out!
Tramps & Thieves
There She Goes Again
Hey You
Too Much Of A Good Thing
Roses & Rings
White Trash Blues
One For The Road
Last Time
Mona Lisa Smiled
This Is Rock 'n' Roll
Mother Mary
Sweet Mary Anne
7 O'Clock
I Don't Love You Anymore
Dirty Town