Saturday, January 17, 2015

From The Jam - Friday 16th January - Under The Bridge, Chelsea FC

My first show of 2015 and it's at a new venue. Under The Bridge is part of Chelsea's Stamford Bridge ground - under one corner of the massive East Stand.

I'd heard that it is used more often as a nightclub than a music venue, but I was really surprised and impressed by what a nice venue it is.

After a quick game of darts in a nearby pub (the Fox & Pheasant) where the 2 guys on the board very kindly let us challenge them (and we sneaked a 2-1 win), we got in pretty early as we were keen to catch the support in the form of Simon Townshend. Simon was on good form, mixing in new material with a couple of oldies, although surprisingly not "The Way It Is". Unfortunately his set was pretty short - we'll certainly look out for any solo shows later this year.

So confession time - I was never really a massive fan of The Jam and wouldn't profess to know much of their material. What I did know was that the 3 piece here included original Jam member Bruce Foxton; the show was an acoustic one; and after that I was taking a bit of a leap into the unknown.

An hour and a half later, that had all changed. Turns out I know (or at least recognised) many more Jams songs than I thought I knew and I had a great time.

Guitarist / Vocalist / Stuart Pearce look-a-like, Russell Hastings, did a great job. He wisely didn't try to replace Paul Weller in a note for note style, but stamped his own personality across the songs. The audience seemed to have a great time, singing along enthusiastically. I had wondered if it may get a bit boisterous, but with a primarily middle-aged audience and with looking security the type you wouldn't mess with, there was no hassle at all - even with our vantage point (the standard front and left). To make the evening even better, we got a Who song - So Sad About Us.

I shall return - both for the band and the venue.

Saturday's Kids 
When You're Young 
David Watts 
To Be Someone (Didn't We Have a Nice Time) 
Thick as Thieves 
Man in the Corner Shop 
It's Too Bad 
Strange Town 
Burning Sky 
So Sad About Us 
Little Boy Soldiers 
That's Entertainment 
The Butterfly Collector 
Slow Down 
Town Called Malice 
Going Underground 
The Eton Rifles 
Down in the Tube Station at Midnight