Saturday, October 31, 2020

Slady - Saturday 31st October (Afternoon Show) - The Water Rats, Kings Cross

Brief review: After a 7 month Covid-19 enforced gap, it's 2 socially distanced shows on the same day. The excellent Slade tribute band started with an acoustic opening to the all-seated afternoon show before increasing the volume later.

Setlist (Afternoon show)

How Does It Feel? [Acoustic]
She Did It to Me [Acoustic]
Far Far Away [Acoustic]
Everyday [Acoustic]
Coz I Luv You 
[Break for Q&A / Raffle]
Cum On Feel the Noize 
Skweeze Me Pleeze Me 
Look Wot You Dun 
Mama Weer All Crazee Now 
Darlin' Be Home Soon
Gudbuy T'Jane 
The Bangin' Man 
Nobody's Fool 
When the Lights Are Out 
The Funky Gibbon [ad lib snippet]
Get Down And Get With It

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